Thursday, March 01, 2007

You wanna piece of me?

Smoochie smoochie

My little model
Smiles... (notice my death grip on my auntie's finger)
Deer caught in the headlights
What? You never seen a big boy in a chair before?

The life of my party

My quote for the day:
No matter how flat the pancake, it always has two sides


  1. I always love your pictures Nin....Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures, your daughter and your son are so gorgeous!!! Love the quote by the way!!! Good reminder that there are always two sides to everything!!! God bless ya girlie!

  3. The life in your kids' eyes!!!
    good thing your hubby is the life of YOUR party!! HAHA. he is such a character! when he was over talking so passionately about stuff, he was "vibrating" off the chair!
    so different than Joe....

  4. I got the e-mail of the comment so now it is yours and mine secret. It will never pass my lips. It's kind of a harsh name:( I love you:D

  5. Your daughter has such beautiful big brown eyes. You'll have to keep all the guys away from her once she gets bigger. :0)
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. You said on my blog to "leave this one" in regards to the whole lotion on the nipples thing. Did you mean use lotion or don't? Just asking.

  6. hey, i posted was/is the long awaited one. I really miss you and need you in my life. you're doing so great, I'm so proud of you.