Saturday, March 24, 2007

I hope you enjoy your time together!!!!!

Last night was my hubby's surprise birthday party. I am happy to announce that all went very well, and hubby was totally surprised. I've been planning this for him for about 3 weeks, and you have no idea how hard it has been keeping something like this from him. I swear, I married a super-sleuth, and did he ever pull out his magnifying glass and detective badge yesterday! He was looking up mysterious phone numbers, asking all kinds of questions, my poor brother-in-law was trying so hard to cover things up for me, even went as far as saying, "yeah I called that number, I don't know who it is, I've been doing weird things lately, then I forget doing them." Yeah...
My sis and her hubby were a big help, thanks for everything! As was my dad. They invited us over for supper, so I could get hubby out of the house while Carebear and Firestarted came in and finished the last minute food preps and computer set ups. There was a lot of time to kill at dads, so to distract my hubby, they decided to take apart the wall in my dads basement. Then, half-way through, dad realized it was time to go, so he said, ok, this is good for now (with half of the wall off, the baseboard off, the light switch taken apart....and and and...). My hubby's like, what do you mean that's it? We still have the other half of the wall, and don't you want to at least put your light switch back on? So you can you know, turn the light on and off?? Typical dad, uhhhh....yeah, I guess I could put the switch back on.
Once I got my hubby here, and he saw all his boy-friends and toys, he quickly forgot about me, so me and my sis and mom went out for coffee and shared some laughs and funny stories. Such a blessing to be so close to my family. And what a weird yet wonderful feeling, to drop everyone off at their houses, by simply driving around the block.
Am so glad it's getting nice out. I'm looking so forward to enjoying this new season. I feel like I missed the whole summer last year, and didn't partake in any of the cool things summer brings. My sis would call me,
-wanna go outside and tan?
-no it's too hot
-wanna take the kids to a park?
-no I'm too tired
-wanna come over and run through the sprinklers?
-no I'm too sore
-wanna just talk on the phone then?

God's mercies are new every morning, and each new seasons brings it's own beautiful growth to our lives. There is a time for everything under the sun, rest assured that wherever God has taken you, He will not leave you, He will finish what He's started.
God has been speaking to me a lot about this new season. He told me that I will be seeing many changes, and that many of them will feel very uncomfortable. But to NOT BE AFRAID, for these changes are GOOD. There is going to be a lot of letting go of old, and embracing of new.
My little one had her hair cut recently. I love it.


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Yay! I'm glad the party worked out. Good for you Super Wife!

  2. Suprise parties are so much fun...but I have the same problem with my hubby.....
    I am looking forward to the new season as well.....yah for spring!

  3. Wonderful post Nin...thanks for sharing.
    I love new seasons!

  4. Nin,
    I did the same thing for my hubby in January--had a hard time leaving his parents. He was on to me. It is good not to have secrets but surprises can be fun. Thank you for your words here and the encouragement you left me on my blog. God is faithful.

  5. im so glad the party worked out too! not sure, but did my hubby ever rsvp or tell him he wouldn't be there? in case you didn't know, he was working till 11pm all last week, so he didn't make it to the party. sorry for that... but happy birthday, C!
    ps i think we're going in the same car this weekend to the retreat!

  6. Seasons of change....we all go through them. I admire your walk with God and that you listen to what he says. It seems as though you are one who practices hearing God's voice...something I want to do more of. Hold on the the promises He's given you.

  7. Yes, I'm very looking forward to a BETTER summer with you this year!!!

    And even better, you live right around the corner, just a breath away from sun rays, iced tea, slip and slides and paddling pools!!
    I can't wait!

    You did an amazing job for your hubby;s party! I so wanted to do that for Joe's birthday this year since it was the big 30....but considering it was seven days after we buried our son, I didn't think it would have gone over very well...