Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Behold, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:19

I love how God will give me a beautiful illustration of where He is taking me. As I look outside at the new season emerging I am deeply encouraged. The mud covered snow I see melting outside my window, is the same dirt and grime that I feel melting off my spirit. This last season has been a cold one, outside and in. So cold that I found myself cuddling up under a blanket I had hand-crafted out of a security found in myself, not my Father. I ran from God, like Jonah running to Tarshish, I just wanted a place to hide, and sleep.

As the dirt is melting away, I am renewed with a fresh release, to speak the word of the Lord, and to speak it BOLDLY. I am encouraged and deeply humbled by His mercy and forgiveness, and His blessing to move forward in my walk with Him. I'm overwhelmed by a great anticipation of what's to come, as I know I have already seen GREAT THINGS!

This is a new season, of new beginnings, of new life and new heights. It was just before last spring that my husband and I removed ourselves from our outside commitments, and even in most ways, our social life. I think that's why I've found myself looking at this last year as a write-off, feeling like we didn't do anything, and nothing happened. I forget that we have walked through more things in the last year than many walk through in 10. God has shown me that it is in the times of solitude, just as Jesus went off on His own, that God speaks to us the most, if we listen ;)

I'm looking so forward to building new relationships and restoring old ones. I have missed my family, and the joy that is found in sharing His love with others. God is good, and He is never changing. Through the winds and storms He has remained the same, and I am captivated by His love once again. Be blessed today, HE IS NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!


  1. so encouraging!!! i feel the same way sometimes - that we don't see people as much as we used too - but the family time we have built has been awesome.
    i hope you can find some awesome new friendships that are super encouraging to you...

  2. Amen! Let that dirt and grim melt away! I'm ready for some new growth as well! Great post, I could have written some of it myself!

  3. Great post Nin...thanks for sharing it. It blessed me!

  4. "...A new season, of new beginnings, of new life and new heights..."
    All the best for you Nin...looking forward to reading about your new and exciting adventures and experiences!!
    Have a great day!!

  5. Wrote a big long comment and an error occurred....grrrr and it lost my whole comment
    id love to write it again, but ill just say that im excited for you! love to walk it with you!