Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Thank-you all for your many thoughts and prayers! I am happy to say we are all doing very well over here. I feel quite normal again (if I ever was very normal), and it's nice to be able to get out and show the little man off to the world. I forgot how much attention a baby got in public, to the point where sometimes you wonder when the gazing strangers are actually going to move on with whatever they were doing before they started gooing and gaing over your baby. Ok already....take care now, bye bye then. But it's so fun, I love that little something inside of every baby that screams of God's beautiful creation, that draws the world in no matter how big or small they are themselves. Everybody loves babies, it reminds us of our heavenly Father, whether we know Him or not.
My back problem was black and white the day baby was born. It's still a problem, but it's more in the backround than anything. I can lay on my back again, and while I still get up a little sore, it's nothing compared to how it was feeling before. Now that I'm able to move more freely and lay on my back, I'm able to do the excersies my physio therapist gave me way back when.
My daughter has already listed all the things she's been patiently waiting for through out the pregnancy. "Mommy we can bath together now! Mommy you can jump and run now! Mommy we can play hide and seek!" What a precious gem, she has been so good through this whole thing. A lot of kids would be very demanding, maybe jealous or upset with having to miss out on things. But my princess has been so amazing, and she deserves all the blessings of being a big sister.
My hubby has been incredible. I had no idea it would be so hard at first, and have no idea what I would've done without him. I cried many times apologizing that he had to come home from the hospital with two babies. Seeing him serve me in everything, and be completely supportive and nurturing to me, while I have nurtured our son, it has been the most amazing experience. My hubby wasn't even able to be downstairs, that was too far away. I needed him by my side at all times. It's been an amazing to experience this with my husband, to be blessed with a strong marriage, to now see all the things that God desires for those who have children. We're not equipped to go it alone, I see that more than I ever have. I was a "single-mom" with my daughter, but I always had the love and support of my family, my mom stepped in and was a mom for both of us. But there are young girls out there who have no one. When those hormone levels come crashing down and the 'baby blues' surface, how do they make it? Through this pregnancy and postpartum, my husband has probably seen me cry more than everyone else put together in his whole life. Through it all my hubby and I are closer to eachother....I wonder if that's one reason why God sends your emotions on a ride....
Well I'm off to clean the house that has slowly but very surely become a bomb, and to be a mommy to two beautiful CHILDREN. Blessings, God is good!


  1. You brought tears to my eyes with your description of how your husband was caring for you. Your family is truly blessed!!
    I suffered Post Partum depression with my second son and Scott took care of all of us. He was a godsend during those times. I look back now and still get amazed at what he has done for us.
    I hope you're feeling better and adjusting well. I'm glad to hear your daughter is handling the role of a big sister well!
    Have a great day!

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    Thanks for your post Nin - it's so great to have you back in blogger land. I'm SO glad that you are doing well, and getting back into the swing of life - with a few adjustments I'm sure. Love ya!

  3. how precious..good post..im anxious to see some pictures of this handsom little baby boy you talk about!!!

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  5. Hey Nin...Great post! I will be reading your posts in anticipation because I will be going through similiar emotions etc...in 5 or so months. I like to hear the reality of it. I am so excited to meet this little guy but I am a little afraid of the unknown even though I have done this once already! Thanks for sharing so openly with us! You are a blessing to me!

  6. hey dude... if your house is a bomb, then mine is World War 3!! sheesh!! your house always looks amazing! Thanks for holding onto those earrings for me, can't believe i forgot them, I guess Professor Plum really screwed me up!!

    Your hubby is incredible and I love watching him be a brand new Daddy. It's amazing!
    Oh and I uploaded my pictures last night and got some adorable shots of your little one...

  7. I'm glad things are going better. I'm sure once my little one joins the world I might ask for tips!