Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Bright and early at 5:25 Tuesday morning, the Lord blessed us with a beautiful little boy!
Baby Daniel David
7lb 3oz
God blessed me with a very quick labor and delivery. I'm not sure if things could have gone more smoothly (although I wouldn't have minded some pain relief!). Daniel came out as healthy as could be, and was able to lay on my chest right away. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen, and am so proud to be his mom. My husband was able to announce the sex to me, and he did so with great joy. He was the one to name this little one, his first born son, what a blessing that was to wait in anticipation to hear the name that my husband had chosen. It's been an undescribable blessing to be parents of this little man that we created together.
Will post some pics soon. Have wanted to update you all many times in the last week, but have been finding it hard getting into the routine of being a new mom again. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Be blessed, God is good.


  1. Congratulations Nin...to you, your husband and your daughter on the birth of your new baby boy Daniel!
    Blessings to everyone!
    I hope you're feeling okay and adjusting well.

  2. So excited for you sweetie! I've been waiting to hear from you & hear the exciting news from YOUR fingertips! I can't wait to see pictures, I'm sure he's extremely handsome!!!!
    You're in my thoughts & prayers!!

  3. i am dying to see you and him. i have been thinking/praying for you tons and tons Nin. I just want you to know that i am here for you, and will come visit whenever it suits YOU, not me!!

    so excited for you!! and can't wait to hold baby D!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on a healthy little boy...that is very exciting. I'm sure your daughter is thrilled to be a big sister. Enjoy this time as a family!

  5. Congratulations Nin and your family! I'm so happy for you all! I'm looking forward to hearing all about the blessings that your little boy is going to bring you to everyone. So happy to hear that it went smoothly and quickly. Praying that the adjusting period goes smoothly as well.

  6. I can't get his little face out of my head....
    his little frowns
    his little facial expressions
    the one where he lifts his eyebrows...

  7. Congratulations Nin........how proud you must be....and yes getting into a routine is definately a bear with a new little one but you will do great!
    I wish I could come to your shower on Saturday.....I will have to take a really close look at my schedule and try to squeeze it in......but either way!
    I am praying for blessings on you an your family

  8. Yippee!! So have you laid down on your stomach yet!?? Couldn't resist asking...I think I did that as soon as everyone left me alone! What bliss! So excited for you guys...beautiful name!

  9. Awwww Congrats Nin! I am so happy for you! Boys are so much fun and so sweet! Daniel is a great, strong name...that is going to be our son's middle name! Praying for you as you enter into the routine of having a baby again! God will never give you more than you can handle and as your day is so shall your strength be!

  10. Anonymous8:16 AM

    CONGRATULATIONS Nin & family! I am SO thrilled to finally get the full story. I am just overjoyed for you! A baby boy! What a beautiful blessing! To give your husband a son... wow. How awesome! God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace - especially as you learn to be a new mom again. You are in my prayers and praise today!

  11. Congrats. I have been waiting to hear when this little one would arrive. Glad you are doing well too.
    Question...did you not know the name your husband was choosing if it was a boy?

  12. thanks for the kind comment!! i can't wait to see you too... I think I might actually be able to come to the shower after all!

  13. IM SENDING A HUGE CONGRADULATIONS!!!! HURAAAAA FOR BABY BOYS there sooooooo much fun to have around!!!


  14. I wanted to come to your shower....but I am not feeling well so I figured I should not share it....I want to see him sometime when I am healthy...I hope your shower was a blessing to you....