Tuesday, October 17, 2006


There are some things stirring in my heart.... am not sure what God is going to do with it all once I get it, is it just for me? is it to encourage others? It's amazing to know that God loves me too much to leave me stagnant, even when that's exactly how I want to be left. God has blessed my life more than I could possibly describe, but I've been finding my refuge in those blessings. I've gotten myself a little too comfortable, but He's gently nudging me back on track.

Things around here seem to be getting more and more normal each day. I've been doing ok with keeping the house clean, although I'm finding it much more difficult with a baby that feeds every three hours, two 'living rooms' and a whole extra bedroom, but I'm managing. My hubby is such a big help, have no idea what our house would look like if he didn't serve me in that area.

My little girl is loving school. She now takes the bus in the mornings, as her mom is now at ease with her leaving. They've been learning about the seven days of creation in class, and the story of Adam and Eve. It's such a blessing to have her come home and tell me that she learned something new from the word of God, and not the newest kid slang for a cuss word.

Little Daniel is growing and changing everyday. He's awake for two or three periods durring the day, and is sleeping a bit better. He's still up every three hours to feed, but he used to take a while to get back to sleep after a feed, now at least he doesn't lay there grunting and squirming for an hour. My body is very slowly getting used to the fact that I am not able to give it as much sleep. I should be napping durring the day, but I find there's always something else to do. I had a nice nap today, so I'm good for a few days.

My little Faithfulness came over today. She's so smart. I love just watching her little mind at work, watching her think about something. Even when she tests me, I find it so neat, just to see how much she really does know. I hate it when people have the attitude that kids don't know anything. I think they just use it as an excuse for why their kids don't listen to them. "Oh they don't know any better".....they sure do guys!

Well I'm off to bath my CHILDREN. Blessings :)

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  1. Yes, faith is proof that good training can pay off. she tests, but she knows.

    you should share the actual story of "nap time" it blessed me to hear of her heart that day. it may bless others too....

    you are adjusting well. I know the getting comfy part....sigh....such our nature. it's seems like you've just had 2 kids forever, yet some days, it's so weird