Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the big two three

(To the tune of Happy Birthday)
Happy birthday to me
I've turned twenty-three
I feel so much older........
Today I very slowly, tired and grumpy rolled out of bed a whoppin' 23. I grumbled down the stairs with a nice glowing frown on my face and made myself some coffee, but not before I spilled the bowl of sugar all over the inside of the cupboard.
I look at my life and my walk, and it doesn't seem to match up with the number. I look at "23" and think, that's it? I'm such a child. It was only 3 years ago that I stepped out of teenagehood, that isn't that far back.
But I am blessed, beyond belief. God has given me more than I ever dreamed, I can not imagine where I would be if He hadn't plucked me out of the hole I was trapped in. He's been reminding me more and more everyday, that I have nothing to get here, it has only been by His grace and mercy. I forget so easily...
Finish up that last line in the song for me, and share in my birthday fun.
Be blessed today


  1. Hey is it your birthday today???
    Happy Birthday to you!
    It's my birthday as well! I'm officially 12 years older!
    That is so cool that we share the same birthday!!!

  2. Happy birthday Nin! Just 23? Wow, you have a lot of wisdom for a 23 year-old. Hope your day is great!

  3. oh my goodness! you are just a BABY!!! :)
    Happy Birthday my dear, enjoy your amazing man, gorgeous children & just sit in wonder at your deserve it!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Nin!!!!

  5. happy birthday!!! wish i could celebrate with you... maybe i can take you out for coffee one of these days... we can take baby D and chocolate cake at Calories?? mmmm

    you are awesome and an amazing Xian.. i am honored to be your friend!!

  6. Happy Birthday to you! What a young spring chicken you are....I hope your day is very deserve it!

  7. Happy Birthday Nin! May this next year be filled with even more blessing!

  8. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    you smell like poo
    happy birthday to you

    (so you all know, my sis gave me a card for my 19th birthday and it had her little 14 year old voice in it singing these lyrics to me! Of course, she really emphasized the word "poo")

  9. One of these years I am going to remember when your BIrthday is. I love you nin.

    ...I'm as cute as a bug's knee!(this is my line just in case you don't get it.