Saturday, September 09, 2006

how well do you know me?

Had to get in on this one....
Check it out!


  1. I didn't do very well!!

  2. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Amazing how your brother in-law does better than your own blood sister. Boy she needs a talking to.

  3. thank you .....
    for your info people, there was a cross stitch on our wall when we were girls that I would read all my life that had ninette's name on it and it said
    besides, ninette fully admitted putting that there to trick me!
    i object!
    by the way, camille cheated!

  4. It is amazing isn't it firestarter. Your wife would've tied with me at a mere 80 points on yours, had I not given her the answer to your last retarded question.
    But who the heck is Lo and Mark?
    You'd think if this Mark fellow knew me so well, that I would at least know him too?

  5. i DID not... i answered objectively!! meaning i answered without prior knowledge CAREBEAR! sheesh!! hahaha

    thanks for the fun times girls!!

    love the new house, nin!! it's absolutely beautiful...

  6. k, nin....
    the last question to my hubby's quiz is right on his blog, not to mention that HE told me before I came to your house

    twas fun camille.

  7. if that's what helps you sleep at night....
    how many of those ten were you asking out loud what the answer was? 8....or 9?

  8. Nin ...that ticker is awsome! I have the same one but I am wondering if the one you have is a joke or if that is what is says near the end! I love it!

  9. Nin...oh by the way...the me is Christy (Christy's blog o'fun).I am taking a blogger break for a few different reasons but will be back soon enough!!!

  10. I just went to look at your least you know your hubby knows you a little. I'm going to get Scott to take the test..prepare for some bad results! Have a great day!