Monday, April 17, 2006

Still here.......
It's funny how I love reading all of your fresh posts, but post nothing fresh of my own. :)
Am still growing in all the joys of pregnancy. I've officially grown out of all of my pants. It's silly how over and over I would try them on thinking, maybe today they'll fit. Talk about a recipe for frustration. So they're outta here. I'm enjoying the wonderful weather outside, because I've been able to bring out the wrap around skirts. So comfy. My clothes situation has been cause for a lot of frustration. There's no worse feeling for me than waking up every single morning, walking over to your closet and having nothing to wear, because nothing fits. Over and over I've had to take this to God, and be reminded that I am truly blessed with all that I have. He has porvided me with all that I have needed, I love that He cares about all those little things, if I just ask Him. I still can't get enough milk. Didn't know milk was this darn good! Am also craving fruit, and what a great thing to crave, in more ways than one if you know what I mean. I can remember times being in the bathroom and calling my hubby, whinning that I was going to die in there. Glad those days are over. Is amazing how everyone turns expert overnight when it comes to pregnancy. It's so fun to grow my patience while listening to someone who has no kids tell me everything I need to know and then some.
Family life is great these days. My hubby and I have been spending a lot of time together, and it's been really fun. We've decided to not allow anything else on our plates for a while, it seems we've not let anything pass us that we've not said no to in a long time. My daughter and I are thouroughly enjoying the weather, and have been spending a lot of time outside. She made a new friend from upstairs, praise God. They get along so well and it's amazing to watch her grow in serving.
God continues to grow my heart for Him. He's been closing doors and opening new ones. He's been growing relationships and building trust. I love that I serve a risen Lord, who loves me, who talks to me, who listens to me, and who cares about each and every little thing that matters to me. This weekend has been a real good reminder of all those things.
I hope and pray that all is well with all of you. Have a great day :)


  1. What a nice post...I'm glad to hear that you're doing well and just relying on God to get you through every aspect of your life. He is faithful...even when your clothes don't fit!! Ha Ha! Its so great to know that we serve a God that we can go to with anything...including clothes or being best friends with a toilet during those long sick days of pregnancy.

    I pray that God will continue blessing you and that you will rely on His guidance as to which doors you should walk through...and which ones you should close. Take care Nin!!

  2. finally.......I've been waiting and waiting.......I am so glad that your pregnancy is going's inevitable to grow out of those's sad I know....I am happy to hear things are good with you!

  3. How wonderful! I'm glad you guys are enjoying family time and growing in Christ. Sounds blissful!

    I can identify with the clothes conundrum. During both of my pregnancies, I fought the arrival of paneled pants and diaphanous shirts that were my hand-me-down fate in the maternity-wear department. (Don't think I wasn't grateful, however--I couldn't afford to buy all new clothes, so I was happy to have them!) I wore my jeans until I couldn't button them, then strung rubber bands through the button holes and around the buttons to make them last a little bit longer. After that I commandeered my husband's jeans, which gave me another month and a half before they, too, started to groan around the seams. Getting dressed was a hurdle every day! Hang in there!

    God bless you and yours!

    (p.s. You lucked out with the fruit craving--let me just say that a McFlurry a day is NOT doctor recommended...)

  4. thanks for the update....even tho i knew all of that!!!! heehee

    thanks for all you clothes!
    I'm still so excited for you being preggy......
    love to see your belly grow.
    it's weird not having you around for dances and stuff like that, but it's neat to see how you are embracing the season god has given you right now. Believe or not, I am learning watching this on the side lines. Knowing when to just sit out for a sanguine is hard to tell. And for a sanguine to think that I might MISS something is hard to lay down. So wathcing you on the "side lines" is good, I see god in your family tons and that's good for me to see.

    Thank you again for walking in obedience with this, it's amazing how you just obeying in something that doesn't seem like would effect anyone and how God blesses so much eveyone around you just by listening to the little things....which are actually big things....
    love you

  5. yeah! you're back!!
    i totally miss the preggo clothes...i felt the most beautiful when i was pregnant cause i didn't have to worry about all of my rolls peaking out. and i loved the clothes i could wear. be sure to treat yourself to some super cute preggo clothes. the best place i found was Old Navy - and i just talked to a salesperson there & any pregnancy clothes you find online can be delivered to you here in Saskatoon. i'm totally excited to get pregnant again now!