Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Little One...

My baby's house is now about the size of a small melon. My hubby and I especially love to feel it in the morning, when it's pushed up by my full bladder. Of course I can only handle so many pokes and prods before I need to run to the bathroom. Baby is about 5 inches and 5 ounces. Baby's body is now growing faster than the head. Baby has finger prints and toe prints, and temporary hair. Baby can suck his or her thumb, swallow amniotic fluid and pass it as urine (so neat, but a little weird that there's a little one making pee inside me), and make practice breathing movements. Baby's bones are getting harder and stronger. So excited, to be a new mom, to give birth to my husbands first child, and to give my daughter the greatest gift ever.


  1. Wonderful ultrasound picture! Our ultrasound pics for the boys never turned out that great.
    Thanks for sharing! (did you find out what you're having? or waiting)

  2. sweet!