Sunday, April 23, 2006

10 simple pleasures...

I've been tagged by Crystal :)

1. Knowing and walking in my identity in Christ, taking hold of my God given authority and watching my faith move mountains

2. Watching my husband grow and mature in the Lord, in who he is as a man of God, as a husband and a father

3. Watching my little girl grow up, serve others, learn about who Jesus is and who she is as a little daughter of the king who has the heart of a lion, seeing her overcome fear

4. Having the gift to hear a song flow out of my mouth and hands that could only come from the power of the Holy Spirit, playing it for others and being able to watch God move in their hearts and lives

5. Having the ability to carry a life inside me, watching my tummy grow, watching everyone around me be so happy and supportive

6. Watching my parents grow in wisdom and love, watching them become more and more in love with eachother, and growing in who God created them to be

7. Knowing in the back of my mind that God is able to take care of us in all things, if I let Him

8. Listening to my husband sing (he's tone deaf, and I love him for it)

9. Having a laugh attack with my sister

10. Watching my littlest neice learn all about the world around her, seeing in her eyes that she understands what I'm saying, finding joy in seeing her heart being trained to walk in obedience

Just can't stop there!

11. Saskatoon Asian vietemese rolls
12. Watching a movie until my hubby comes home at night
13. Milk, Milk, Milk
14. Suntanning
15. Coffee and Iced Cappuccino 's from Tim's
16. Toe rings, flip flops and tank tops
17. The notes my hubby leaves me every morning
18. Long shirts
19. Getting the white diamond on a level of Crash Bandicoot for Playstation
20. Bright colored band-aids

Sorry, I cheated, but I'm way too long winded for just ten! :)


  1. I love your list......hmmmm it seems way more interesting than mine.....maybe it's because you are long winded..... :o))
    Thanks for sharing

  2. What a beautiful post! True joy really is found in living for the Lord in all things, isn't it?

    The Iced Cappucinos are a very nice bonus, though.

  3. WHAT! Crash is only # 19! tsk tsk tsk =)

  4. LOLOL Rach......
    so true, my bad