Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A death in the kitchen...

My cheap, ten dollar toaster bit the dust last night.
May he rest in the peace of knowing, that we will buy a much better toaster this time around.


  1. I remember when our first, wedding-gifted toaster died. We were so excited to pick out a new one. We got a four-slotter, extra wide to accomodate bagels.

    Sadly, he'll probably never live up to his full potential--we don't eat bagels very often, and we almost never toast four things at a time.

  2. your way too funny, when is the funeral or have I missed the service:( Anyways, hope it rests in peace.

  3. You are hilarious.....I hope you will be ok with the loss of your toaster friend....May it rest in peace!

  4. Goodbye Nin's toaster...you will be missed! haha

  5. May the toaster rest in peace.

  6. Rest in Peace Mr. Toastmaster!

  7. since it has been noted that the toaster rest in peace.....

    I would have to say "GLAD YOU CROAKED!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! NOW YOU WILL BE REPLACED HAHA YOU WERE USELESS ANYWAY!!!! may you always remmeber that we were always hoping that you would soon keel over so that a shiny brand new rival could stand in your place and forever warm the toasts in the moore home....."

    Mr. Toaster was survived by ALL other appliances.....becuase they actually work better...
    He will be missed by.....no one....
    There will be no funeral, just a big "dunk" in the garbage counting him as 2 points.