Thursday, February 02, 2006

"wild-cow" and "dweller by lime trees"

Recently, we've found ourselves expecting the glorious arrival of another child. Our second addition, but our first experience of bringing life into this world together. It's been such an exciting time for us and our family members, as we embark on a new season in our lives, in our marriage, and in our family. What a blessing it is to be able to conceive a new life, with my very best friend in the whole world. I don't want a day to pass where I am not truly thankful for this opportunity, although I'm sure I'll have my moments. (I do know my fair share of some of the things pregnancy has to offer! And being in my third trimester in the thick of summer might be cause for some groaning.)

In other news, my daughter gets a double blessing. Her birth dad and his finace are also expecting, and are due a month before me! What an amazing blessing for my daughter! Their pregnancy has opened doors to restoration of our relationship. Hearts have been softened and walls are being broken down. I am so blessed to be able to stand back and watch God show off, and basically hand everything over that I have ever asked for and more! For years I have had a burning desire to be fighting together and not against eachother. It truly is a miracle to see how God has changed my heart in these last years. I am able to pray now from a new heart, and bless my daughter as she goes away, as I know His destiny for her is far greater than my human eyes can see.

My husband passed his mutual fund exam Praise God! He will now be able to move into a whole new level in his business, which will bless our family so much. I'm loving watching him grow into this amazing business man, striving to serve God in his workplace. I remember his first day, when he left the house in a suit and tie (a novelty that wore off long ago for him). We giggled at how old and profesional he looked. Like as if he was an adult or something. Weird.

My days seem to pass by quicker than ever, because I've been feeling so tired. I've had no morning sickness hallelulia! But everyday I feel like I'm running a marathon. My apartment would sure tell you differently by the way it looks these days. It's neat to know that my body is working overtime to lay the foundation of a new human life.

Have my pregnancy "bible" (What to expect when you're expecting) as well a name book by my bedside every night. It's been fun to go through new names with my hubby, and come across those names that have real funny meanings. Leah (although a very beautiful name) means "wild-cow", and Lyndon (another nice name) means "dweller by lime trees". Who decides these things anyway? We've come up with quite the list so far. We're keeping it hush hush until we can narrow it down.

We still have all our long distance phone calls to make to all the relatives. And my hubby's dad has been out of town all this time, so he'll get his surprise tomorrow! Can't wait to take the cat out of the bag one last time, what a rush it is!

Many many blessings to you all!



  1. Hey fellow pregnant lady,

    I have a great name book that puts spiritual meanings with the names, etc. If ya want to borrow it you can, we're locked in already. (Less than 10 weeks now...guess I shouldn't rub that in eh?)

  2. I'm so glad that you are looking forward to building a "new" kind of relationship with your daughter's dad. Its got to be tought at times I'm sure, but with God's help, anything is possible right?

    You sound truly happy and giddy, I would be too. May you be blessed during these next few months as you prepare for your new little miracle.

    Take care.

  3. Congratulations! Thank you for visiting my blog - and I will definately continue reading yours, as you continue to develop this new little life! I know what you mean about names. Very interesting! My husband and I like the name Brynn, but it means "small hill"!

  4. hey - i'm so happy for you two. God truly rewards the righteous!

    We have had some major blessings this week - hope to share them soon!(via blog or in person) funny how God does things all at once!

    No. I'm not pregnant!

  5. soooooooo exciting! congratulations! i hope you can just sit back & enjoy all of the attention you will receive!!
    my daughters name is Kamryn - we love the name, but it means "crooked nose". i think she'll hate us for that later. But the name suits her so well...maybe I'll make up my own meaning.
    i'm excited to follow you in your journey! congrats again!

  6. What a blessing this time in your life is........We as women were made just for this unique be able to create life....what an amazing time! I am soo excited for you.......God does amazing things through those who are open to his leading so it's great to see how you are creating a positive environment with your daughter and her Father.

  7. Okay, I think that the word WOW, is getting alittle old. What more can we say in response to God's awesomeness????

    How can I sum up how I feel about His faithfulness???

    What in the world is left to say??
    Everyone around me keeps saying, "WOW" including myself. But it just doesn't quite say it anymore.
    Well, I guess, that song that you and Jonah Ponah sang at the concert of the Heart last time, in your song, you sang, "you do all things well, just look at our lives".....
    I think in our lives, God is being glorified. I chuckled when I thought back to when Chris first wore a suit. And his bright ORANGE TIE!!!!
    Yep, some mighty transformations going on everywhere. and am speechless and blessed to say the LEAST to be a part and to witness it all around....

    Now that's a sarah/sanguine way of saying something simple in a huge long way LOL