Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random facts, idiosyncrasies, thoughts and stupidities...

I am 9 weeks pregnant with my husband's first child. I love sandals, tank-tops and tanning. I had a pierced tongue, eyebrow, nose and lip. My husband and I dated in highschool. My mom once put a slice of cheese in one of my friends shoes. The friend did not find this funny. I did.

I grew up listening to Offspring, Dance Mix 93' and up and all the classic blues like B.B King and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I used to want to be a rock star at Bud's on Broadway. I failed biology twice. I dyed my hair fire engine red for my grandpa's funeral. I no longer have a toenail on my left pinky toe, from ripping it out by the root so many times. My daughter 'sings' her thoughts and comments. My dad litterally kicked my butt all the way home after I'd ran away. I hate the smell and appearance of ground beef, but I eat it.

My husband can't sit still and always jumps at least twice after putting his coat on. I grew up with a hampster named Tobi. We over fed him and he died of a heartattack. I love daisies. I love black appliances. I kill plants. I love Seinfeld. I dropped out of school in grade 8, then again in grade 11. I got my GED results back when I came home from my honeymoon. I passed!

I totalled my sister-in-law's car. My husband has totalled more cars than anyone can count. My mom got arrested for unpaid parking tickets. I sometimes snort when I laugh. I don't floss. I drool in my sleep. I got a trophie in a keyboard competition with my cousin. I've never broken any bones. I share an apartment with a big boy, a little girl and a spikey lizard.

I used to hide in the dryer when playing hide and seek with my sis. I kick butt at Mortal Kombat 1&2 and Mario Kart for Super Nintendo. I used to write notes to my friends in highschool and fold them in little squares and triangles. I used to have a crush on Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins. I love to dance. One time my mom rolled up little pieces of paper and put them in my tunafish sandwich. I ate it.

My sister was always full of useful information, like how to inhale when you're smoking at the age of 8. I always thought that my hubby and his family were too good for me. I pierced two holes in my ear with a blunt earring. I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 16. She is the joy of my life.

I have lower back problems. I witnessed the birth of both my nieces. I don't like Valentine's Day. I like playing pool, singing, walking and laughing. I got fired from Pharmasave. One time my husband threw me into a set of metal shelves with a plush chair when we were fooling around in Zellers. My daughter likes to play Barbie's. I lack imagination.

My sister and I laughed so hard once that we both puked. I used to pick my boogers and stick them under my mattress. I used to want to move to Calgary and busk on the streets. I used to want to be a social worker. I used to think Humpty's was the coolest hang-out. I used to litter. I think getting a tatoo is silly. I have one.

I haven't seen my natural hair color in ten years. I don't think I ever will. My favorite vegetable is broccoli. I got my phone cut off just before I got married. My hubby and I didn't exchange Christmas gifts this year. I liked Steve better than Joe on Blue's Clue's. My dad gave me an appreciation for all types of music, except country.

I can't wait to see all the new things God has in store for me and family. I can't wait to be blessed with a house. I hurt for women who don't know their worth. I love my husband so much, and somedays wonder how I got to be so lucky. I love my church family. I wouldn't trade my parents for anyone. I wouldn't trade my upbringing for any perfect white picket fence home. I love that Jesus saved me in the midst of heartache, and gave me forgiveness for the most horrible things. And I love how everyday His mercies are new for me. His grace is sufficient for me. His peace surpasses all understanding. Thanks to all you girls who started this, it was fun!


  1. Man you have experienced alot of things.

    I like the part about the metal shelves in Zellers.

  2. I LOVED your last paragraph!! (I got a chill!) You and your sister sound like wonderful people. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Nice list - I enjoyed it!

  4. LOL to chris jumping when he puts on his coat!
    LOL to puking with you after a laugh attack...and to think it was over "counting change while working at A&W"
    Thanks for being there for the birth of my girls!
    LOL to mom getting arrested and driving on the curb in front of the officer during a laugh attack.
    3 Cheers for Jericho!
    Thank God you aren't a busker in Calgary!
    love ya

  5. wow that was awesome! i enjoyed reading it ...and was surprised I knew almost all of it..that makes me happy that I know you so well. What I didn't know was that your big sister taught you to inhale at age 8. ha hahahhah ......

    and the fire-engine red hair for the why does that not surprise me?? Miss Rainbow hair!!

  6. I really enjoyed this. You sound like you've lived a pretty fun and interesting life.

    Does anyone like the smell or appearance of ground beef?

    Its so great to hear all the things that God has done and brought into your life. May he keep blessing you more and more.
    Take care

  7. I remember when you use to choke everytime you inhaled and how it almost made you puke. I also remember how much of a coffee fan you were, and maybe still are :/ LOL. I also remember you bitting you nails and picking away at your toes nails when we chatted, in the wee hours of the morning.
    It's kinda of wierd, I know you so well. And in a wierd way you are apart of my family--even though we are not as close anymore. You like a big sister and little one at the same time.
    I am greatful that God has blessed you so much. In every way. I am glad that I have been around to see all the amazing things he is doing in and around your family.

    Thanks so much for sharing, blessings!

  8. well that was something I was waiting hear from you again...You and your sister are hilarious.....I love the way you write and express your feelings...
    I especially like how God has been working in you...I look forward to meeting you someday!

  9. Man, you are so awesome. Thanks for being transparent.


  10. can't think of anything interesting to say, so I won't...oh just thought of write well........(it's 38 weeks that won't see the light of day)