Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guess what?

I'm Carrying Life!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw on "fire starters" blog that someone was pregnant and it wasn't Sarah, so I was wondering who, and you came to mind, but I really didn't know. Thats so awesome. I'm so happy for you. What a wonderful blessing from God. Now you have to keep me updated kay? I know you don't really know me, but I truly do care, and I know that someday we'll meet again next time I'm in Stoon. Can't wait to hear about this new journey and new chapter of your life. Take care.

    Gotta get ready for church.

  2. Yep, life is truly amazing. A life comes into the world only after 9 months. I think elephants carry for over a year can u imagine I sure can't. Another worshipper of Christ is coming soon and I am so excited for you and your family.

  3. yippee. another little bit of hope in our world!! you fresh thing you

  4. that pic? at what stage of life is the baby in?
    I always thought it was so cool to show people and to celebrate it myself how much of A LIFE IT IS!!!!!
    at only 15 or 16 wekks, I think they start getting nails already....but do you think you could keep us all updated as to where my little neice or nephew...probably at?
    that would be cool!
    soos osososososo excited for you AND FOR ALL OF US!

    it's time for a baby that's NOT a waldherr for once!
    A moore would be just marvelous

  5. happy for you and your family. it was so cute how J. was showing me where the crib would go!! She must be so excited.

    bless ya.

  6. Congratulations......Baby's are always so exciting! I am excited for you.......Blessings

  7. so where is little moore at these days?????
    got fingers yet?
    any toes?
    what's on the developing??????
    curious auntie wants to know!!!