Wednesday, November 28, 2007

farewell old friend...

Last week today, we said good-bye to a dear friend, the Golf, after a tragic and unexpected death on Circle Drive.
The Golf was a beautiful car inside and out, loved by all it's drivers and passengers. It provided warmth on cold days with it's heated seats, and cool fresh air with it's sunroof. It was never a burden to it's owners, and when gas prices sky rocketed it did not break their wallets, instead, it took them all sorts of places on very little money. It will always be remembered for it's loud diesel purring, it's pretty blue interior lights, and it's very high and irreplaceable cost that will continue to be deeply grieved.
It made a home in the hearts of many, and will be sadly missed. We love you Golf,
your family


  1. k, you'll never believe this, I was brought to tears!! I'm so so so so so so so sorry about your car. It really was a great car. This post to me seems not comical, even tho it's written a bit like that.

    I guess it's a good attitude tho. To be light hearted, not weighed down, and it's a sign that you've truly given it over to him. Obviously, I haven't, even tho it's not my car.

    You should tell the story of what, I'm all emotional right now. Must be that time of the month.....

  2. What happened????

  3. the engine blew! *tear*
    we're still unsure of the details, because to get someone to rip the engine out and take a good look would be hundreds of $$. Until we know where we're going from here, (selling it as is, or replacing the engine and selling) we're not going to pursue any answers.
    But God WILL provide, this I am SURE of (some days more than others)

  4. It's hard saying good-bye to a car that has been yours for awhile. When I sold my $2 car I was actually sad to say good-bye. I even had to take pictures of me with it.

  5. I am sad for you! VW's should never have to die!