Thursday, November 15, 2007

dirty shoes, adult teeth, and giving up

Have had lots on my mind lately, some good stuff, some not so good stuff, but still feeling encouraged to know that God is good, no matter what.
Is doing much better, thanks to those of you who lifted him up in your prayers, what a blessing. He's back to his normal self, getting into everything, making messes everywhere he goes, playing with dirty shoes and so-on. His form of play is so pointless, and it's funny to watch him go from thing to thing with no rhyme or reason.
Little Girl:
Is doing awesome in school. Her reading is getting better and better everyday, and it's so cool to watch and help her learn and grow. She lost her very first tooth! and is very excited to see a big-person tooth already coming through! She says that everything she does now will be that much better, because now ladies and gentlemen....she's an adult.
I love her to death and have been blessed to keep my eyes focused on God's vision and purpose for her life and ministry.
The most amazing man I've ever known, am so priveledged to be his one and only. He recently moved offices and is now in a bigger one with more windows, yay for shopping for new office pictures and decor. Walking along side him in this growing process of being life group leaders has been amazing, and I'm excited to see all that God has in store for our marriage as He builds our love and unity.
Some say it's rules and regulations,
and trying to always be right
no room for mistakes, in the choices we make
only the strong survive.
But it's not about perfect performance
or resolution of will.
It's all about surrender
giving up.....being still
It's only for the weak, for the faint of heart
those driven to their knees, those who live with scars
there's power from beyond, we're certain where it's from
and that's our source of strength.
Before we follow Christ, we need to be advised
it's only for the weak.
He welcomes the worn and weary
All who are wounded by sin
And just as we are, we can fall in His arms
Rest and find shelter in Him
Seems like each day is a battle
With burdens and struggles to face
Only in our losing
Do we really see how much we've gained
Feeling very weak, and desiring so much to give up my control. With so many things spinning outside of my control, I know I need to choose to rely on Him. Some days I'm pumped with faith, others, completely on my face in discouragement. I thank God for His patience with me.
My Mom:
Please continue to pray for her as the spirit leads you.
Her health is still very poor and her heart still weak.


  1. Thanks for the day, T&W had some great encouragement for me and I am feeling safer and more secure. The words of you blog were also a good reminder of where our strength comes from.

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers, your Mom too! I know how hard it is to give up control, it's a daily, sometimes hourly battle. I thank God he is patient with me as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. enjoyed reading this post, will be thinking and praying for you dear mom.

  4. read the comment in joe's box