Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What is up hommies?

-washed towels forever ago, forgot about them in the washer for days
-washed them again because they smelled moldy
-washed them again because they still smelled moldy
-washed them in vinegar because they still smelled moldy
-forgot about them in the washer for days
-washed them 4 at a time in vinegar and soap, did not forgot about them, got the smell out and saved the day and the towels

-my son is a human vacuum, and eats everything invisible to the naked eye
-he also enjoys the taste of fake moss from the fake plant, dada's dress shirts and shoes

-my not so little one is off at her dads for the week
-we talked yesterday and I reminded her to watch Canadian Idol
-am still wondering why Greg is gone, and Dwight is still around????????????
-my daughter agreed with my frustration

-things to do people to see husbands to talk to....must go and carry on being a housewife


  1. holy about the towel story!

    yeah, about daniel, when he was here the other day, I caught him trying to eat a single strand of hair!

  2. Ninette, you're awesome! :)

  3. I do the towel thing all the time! I am bad at laundry!

    Off to do my housewife duties...

    it never ends!!

  4. I just finished the main part of my laundry a few mins ago. I try to make sure to at least put my towels on the laundry horse so that if I forget about them, the'll at least dry themselves and not get moldy... Sigh. Tomorrow morning I need to finish said laundry too...

  5. I am a lurker on your blog but figured it's time to "de-lurk". I loved the towel story, I do it all the time with towels and my husbands work clothes -- I hate laundry! lol.

  6. hahahah k thanks for that reminder i have wet laundry i forgot about since yesturday...opps...Hope there not to moldy!!!

  7. towel story is awesome.
    i am sad that matt is gone. i am officially off of canadian idol for the summer. i hate all the others!!! (ok don't hate, but dislike!)

  8. I hate leaving towels in the washer for days, I wash them again with bleach to get out the stink...oh the joys eh?

    Great post!