Sunday, August 12, 2007

Real Life

"There is a world of difference between knowing what to do

and actually doing it..."

-Bill Phillips

God in His perfect love and endless mercy has given me the opportunity to make things right. He's been hitting the same nail on the head over, and over, and over, and over, and I thought if I ignored Him just a little longer, He'd give up. Fortunately God will never give up on me and He will never leave me, but He loves me far too much to leave me where I am.

Today, He hit the nail for the last time, and this time, it went all the way in... ouch. I rest in knowing that God discplines those He loves, and that He is molding me to be more like Him, and that all things work together for good for those who love Him. I thank Him today that He gave me opportunity to walk in humility, to repent and choose to walk towards the light. I know that my obedience will bring Him glory and show others His forgiveness and faithfulness.

Crossing over the world of difference, and ready to make a difference...

signing off.

(My daughters step-mom holding my son when we were there for a bbq. Just a physical picture of God's boundless power to bring restoration to broken places. Be encouraged)


  1. Hey Nin
    This is amazing, last night God hit me with the exact same thing. He has been telling me to obey him in a certain area for about three months that I was more than willing to keep to myself, until last night and then he asked me to share it with my family about humility. Isn't it great when we actually step out and put our faith and trust in him. Be encouraged.

  2. I was driving home thinking about Jonah and her dad. Filled with thankfulness that she has her dad in her life. I can't even imagine her going through life without her other parents there with her....she truly gets the best of both worlds. I can say sincerely, that I am thankful for her dad and step mom and can see blessings pour out from all the obedience walking you've been doing. Thank you for being so faithful.

    Well, I'd better go DO what I need to DO.....

  3. I love how real and open you are about your walk with Jesus. There are some huge bitterness issues I have that I know God has been working on me for years to deal with. I am going to see my family next week so I am sure I will have oppotunities to love instead of hate. Thanks for being an encouragement.
    The outfit Daniel is wearing Isaiah has too.

  4. That is truly amazeing Nin!! I was very encouraged!!
    By the way your son, he is looking so big wow..very handsome boy!!

    ps. didnt have your email to send my blog addy. Started New!!