Friday, June 22, 2007

some pretty cool kids that aren't mine

Close-knit in the Golf
Gentle touch
Best friends

So this is how clowns feel....

K! Isaiah, look at the camera ("let's go get some of that icecream!")........k......Noah....Noah! smile! ("Look! I'm Venom!") ok.......Faith! Faith! Look at auntie! Say cheese! ("mennnnhh").........k nevermind,


Where's Waldo, I mean Noah


  1. ahh to love the one where noah is in the tree...
    thanks for sharing

  2. that's the first that I saw of those pics! I love the commentary of trying to get my kids to smile! and yes, you described noah very well...."look, I'm venom!" (why in the world did he pick to be the villan?
    Thanks sooooo much for investing into my children. in 20 years, we will see the fruit of being a close family. I think of how you and I are with mom and auntie. And how auntie would say, "my nieces are taking me out" and how we can be friends and companions now that we are grown....
    and we will be old and jonah and isaiah will be taking us out for dinner as friends.....

    That will be neat and to have daniel and noah hang out with their dads as grown men and friends.....

    now, i'm feeling all sappy

  3. that pic of isaiah holding the butterfly!!.....for the first time, I see myself in her face! now i can understand why people are always like, "boy does she ever look like her mom!"

    i finally see it

  4. and poor faith, you can see joe's skin on her face. she has exzema under her eyes

  5. the pic of isaiah and noah sitting on the rock, look at isaiah's flip flops....they're broken! the toes are all bent back! haha

  6. you were probably thinking "wow, look at all the comments i got!!!"
    and hahahah, they are all me!!! LOL

  7. Awww cute pictures.....It's such a great think when us Auntie's can enjoy our nieces and nephews.....I love mind too!