Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lighter hair, heavier baby

It's been a while since I've lived through this baby phase, 6 years to be exact. In all the self-sufficiency and independence of my 6 year old, I guess I forgot about this season. My babe has recently learned to pull himself up to standing, and now, this is all he wants to do. Coolness... other than the fact that he has no idea how to get himself down. So, as soon as he is given any sort of freedom, he speed crawls to whatever he can climb, pulls himself up, and quickly flashes a look of pride and accomplishment. Yay Daniel! However, 30 seconds later, he realizes he's stuck in standing position, and wants down. So I help him down, and zip! he's back to the table or chair or whatever 'mount-furniture' he can get to fastest, and is back in standing position, only to 30 seconds later, continue whining about how he's found himself once again, stuck. Do I hear another yay?
So I found him in his crib today, standing of course, instead of napping. I guess he had played with the controls on the back of his music playing-fish aqaurium attached to his crib. He somehow changed the song from lullaby's, to waterfall, only he also turned the volume up to FULL blast. So I walk in to find poor Daniel crying, and the unrelaxing sounds of a waterfall, which really sounds like white noise blasting from a tv. I had to laugh, I love my son.


  1. humm in that " stage" it can be tiring.... endless helping...directing and leading then one day the light bulb moment happens.....sigh....blessings

  2. Too funny! You have a way of painting pictures with your words. It's great. I guess I'll be encountering this stage in the next couple of months.

  3. I had to chuckle through this whole post....knowing how cute daniel is an also knowing I'll be doing this in a few months as well!