Thursday, December 14, 2006


Have been feeling good since my tidal wave on Sunday.
My daughter's first school Christmas concert is tonight, she sang me the song they're singing, I am soooo excited!
Then she has another Christmas concert at our church tomorrow evening, and we're still working on her lines. It's hard when things like this come up because with her being at her dad's every other weekend, she ends up missing most of the practices. The dress rehersal is tonight, but she'll miss that being at her school pageant. Can we say sheesh?
Saturday is my baby girls birthday, she'll be 6! I can't believe how big she is. It was only a couple of moths ago that I realized how big her hands and feet are. They're not "teeny" anymore, they're.....big. I've thought this for a long time about my younger nephew's hands. Now I look at her hands and think, aw.....your hands are like Noah's. Sniff sniff. I hope the other moms out there know what I'm talking about, and that I don't sound like a complete weirdo.
There is something seriously wrong with my right wrist. At first I thought it was tendinitis, but now I'm not so sure. It's getting worse everyday, and since I'm right-handed, I use it for everything all the time. I need to book an appointment soon.
Anyways, just felt like writting something light and fluffy for a change. I also wanted to let all of you know that I have been unable to leave anyone any comments. I have tried and tried, and blogger is just being a bum so yeah. So when you go into your comment to see what everyone had to say about your post, just pretend that I'm in there saying something cool.


  1. I'm glad your having a better week. I hope your daughter has a great time at her christmas concerts and does a really good job...I know she will!

    Thats too bad about your wrist. You should get that taken care of.

    I know what you mean about blogger. Alot of people can't comment on mine. I don't know what the problem is...oh well, not much I can do because I am not an employee of blogger! you think they really care anyways? I would hope so, but it sure doesn't seem like it.

    Well I hope you have a great day and enjoy seeing your daughter in her conerts...and no, your not weird for thinking her hands and feet are big, especially compared to your baby boys'. I remember thinking the same thing...especially when your kids are five (mine) or six(yours) years apart...there is a big difference! Take care!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the hands. I was admiring Jonas' hands yesterday at the dinner table. His are so cute...tiny and small. I love the feeling of the boys' hands!
    Anyhow have fun at the Christmas concerts. Take lots of kleenex. I blubber like a fool at each and every one!!
    Enjoy your day!!

  3. Im praying for your wrist.....
    that you can find out what it is and that it can be fixed.

  4. You are sweet. Super excited for next week!

  5. Hey girlie!!! I second the motion on our children growin up too quickly...Mine is going to be 6 in March, and I always wonder where the time went...especially when I see the little outfit she wore home from the hospital or the little hosp. sad.They turn into these little people so quickly! Next week we have our first 2 Christmas concerts also, I'm pretty excited!! I've been thinking about you lately too, because I'm curious how your daughter reacted when the baby came along....I'm getting worried as of late as to how Taylor will be. Right now she is so excited, but I'm scared that once baby arrives she will change...What did you experience???

  6. Hey I definately know about kids growing up to daughter is into wearing my shoes, my son is wearing some of my husband's almost makes me want to cry.....have fun listening to your daughter's Christmas concerts....and I sure hope your hand feels better soon and they figure out what it is and fix it for you.

  7. Happy Birthday pretty little lady!