Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've been tagged by Moose!

7 Things I would like to do before I die:

1. Become more like the Proverbs 31 woman :)
2. Have more kids
3. See what my grandchildren look like
4. Travel, tons, to Europe and such
5. Own a house that we've been able to completely renovate
6. Produce a finished product of my demo cd
7. Watch my children walk in their purpose and faith that can move mountains

7 things I can’t do (yet) :

1. Skate
2. Make it till noon without a headache if I don't have my coffee
3. Run very far without getting real tired
4. Watch fear factor without getting seriously frustrated with the contestant's stupidity
5. Touch anyones feet
6. Be at the top of a ladder and not be scared
7. Be ignorant of the truth, no matter how hard I may try sometimes ;)

7 things that attract me to blogging:

1. I use my blog as a journal to not only encourage others but encourage myself. Many times I find myself reading my own previous posts, to remind me of what God has shown me, and to see the prayers that have been answered
2. I love writting!
3. I have an opportunity to meet other people from around the world
4. I'm able to see people's hearts expressed in honesty and transparency, a beautiful thing!
5. I get encouragement from fellow believers, we can share struggles victories and laughs :)
6. It's yet another place to hang out with my church family
7. It's a way to stay in touch when things get so busy

7 things I say most often:

1. For Pete's sake!
2. Holeeeeee!
3. As if
4. Totally
5. Tabeebeeness!!!!
6. Chris stop that!
7. I'm sorry

7 books I love:

There's no way I can think of 7!

1. The Bible
2. Anything Calvin and Hobbes
3. This day we fight (by Francis Frangepane)
4. The YadaYada Prayer group
5. I don't read
6. Crossword Puzzles
7. I don't read

7 movies I watch over and over:

1. Bruce Almighty
2. Riding in cars with boys
3. How to lose a guy in 10 days
4. Adventures in babysitting
5. Coming to America
6. The Italian Job
7. 13 going on 30

7 people I want to join in too (you been tagged!)

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  1. geez I have always hate the game tag...I always well thanks for thinking of me, I think!

  2. LOL! I was wondering who was gonna pick this thing up first :) Coolness! Blessya! -Moose

  3. i love learning new things about people!

  4. Like hollleeeee! Now for some reason that statement rings true to me, rofl. Like hollleee Ranya, lol! Love your honest note when you said I don't read. You do!