Thursday, July 15, 2010

update on my last post

Since writing my last post and sharing my deep rooted hatred for Stupidstore, my husband finally released me to shop at my dream store, the glorious, Safeway.
Now, I realize that when intense emotions are involved, the chances of things being exaggerated are pretty high. But I can honestly say, I was in, heaven.
We had no list, and the plan was to have no plan. To leisurely walk up and down every isle, to take our time, and soak it all in. Would you believe, that in taking our sweet time, and hitting up every single isle, took us all of 30 minutes? People, it's true.
Not only did it take so little time, because, there were 10 isles, instead of 100, but there was nothing to distract us from our goal of picking out groceries. There was no clothing store smack dab in the middle of the warehouse. There was no makeup section the size of a small mansion. It was just, isles of, yep, you guessed it, groceries.
Coming up to the checkout, the lady actually said hello, and no, she didn't stop there. She asked how we were, and told us to have a wonderful day. While she sat there, ringing in our groceries and being pleasant, a guy bagged our groceries. Hubby and I stood there, not knowing what to do with ourselves. We basked in the peace and rest, while our groceries found their way into their bags.
Then, as if we hadn't reached euphoria just yet, we were asked, once all our bagged groceries were in the cart, if we "needed a hand with them." We giggled like school girls and said no, but wondered what on earth that could possibly mean. I've been told that they will actually push your cart to your car, and then proceed to place your bags in your trunk.
This my friends, was solid evidence, that there is a heaven, and that heaven, is found in Safeway.


  1. Wonderfully said Sweetie!!!!

  2. Sharing your intense hatred of Superstore, I am so glad you are finally free. I would rather stick splinters in my eyeballs then shop there. Extra Foods is marginally better and still cheaper than Safeway so that's what I settle for.

  3. LOLOLOL that's funny! I'm glad you enjoyed your shopping!

  4. You make me smile. I'd say for me heaven on earth have been going to the huge raspberry u-pick farms out here. The raspberry bushes are taller than me and the rows are long. It's heaven for me.

  5. Same reason I shop at the coop instead of the Stupidstore. Casual shopping and I can get in and out with my few items in 5 minutes instead of 30.

  6. Anonymous8:01 AM

    BAHAHAHA!!! That is awesome! What do you think of SGI or Sobey's? I kind of like Sobey's better then Safeway...safeway seems a little snobby...not that you are snobby! I hope I didn't offend your heaven to greatly! lol!!