Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I hate sow bugs. They're gross and give me the creepy crawlies. I hate laundry. I can never seem to stay on top of it, and it never ever ends. I hate the wind. I can tolerate and even enjoy all kinds of weather, but wind? I don't understand winds purpose, other than messing up my hair.

I could go on and on with my list of things I hate. We all have things we hate. We can't love everything. The bible even says 'there is a time for hate'. Although, I doubt God was referring to bugs, weather and laundry.

Of all the things I hate, there's one thing that hits number one on the list. In fact, I don't just hate this thing, I loathe it.

And that thing my friends, is......................

To loathe something takes a great amount of energy and determination. Much thought and emotion. To loathe is not just to hate, but to hate greatly, and to feel intense disgust.
Yes, that about sums up how I feel about my long time enemy, Stupidstore.

It's not even that I hate grocery shopping. In fact, I quite enjoy it. Picking out new food, planning in my head all the yummy things I want to make for my family, letting my kids pick treats for the upcoming week, these things are fun to me. However, Stupidstore robs me of all that joy.
Stupidstore is huge, massive, and even when you're running in for just a few things, the massiveness of the building says, hahaha, no no no, you're time is MINE, and I say, you'll be here a while.
Stupidstore is dirt cheap, so on childtax day, welfare day, middle of the month welfare day, payday, and pretty much every other day, everyone wants a piece of Stupidstores cheap action, which means everyday, it's packed, packed, packed.
Stupidstore makes you bag your own groceries. As if cleaning out my fridge to make room for the new groceries, driving there, walking through 50 million isles to find what I need, dropping a ton of money, coming home to unload and put away all the groceries wasn't enough work, they think I need the added exercise of bagging my own groceries. Sure you may call me a priss. But if I wanted to bag my own groceries, I'd get a job at a grocery store.
Stupidstore sells me rotten meat, that stinks up my entire house when I go to cook said meat, and realize it's gone bad, not in my fridge, but in the store. Is it too much to ask that, the STORE keeps tabs on the meat they're selling? Or is it me who's expected to smell the meat before I buy it? This has happened to me so many times, that the sheer thought of buying their meat completely disgusts me.
I know I'm not the only one who loathes this awful place. I know this, because when I'm in that awful place, I'm surrounded by unhappy, annoyed, and generally irritated people. People who like me, do not want to be there.

Some people dream about what they want to be when they grow up. Some people dream of traveling, seeing the world, watching their kids grow up. Me? I dream of the day I get to shop at Safeway. Where the meat is good, where the store is the size of a store and not a warehouse, where the people have smiles on their faces because it's a nice place to work, and, an even nicer place to shop. Where the fruits and vegetables are beautiful colors other than brown, where the lettuce is lively. Where everything is where it should be, where you can run in and run out, where they actually bag your groceries, because ladies and gentlemen, it's what they're paid for. Where life is made a little easier, where the sun shines a little brighter, where heaven seems a little closer.
This is my dream. And some day, my dream will come true, and I will never have to walk into the hell that is Stupidstore ever again.


  1. i recently had to go BACK to Superstore after shopping for a while at Sobey's. it's totally painful. but it's so much easier on the bank account. i still sneak into Sobey's as much as i can though. :)

  2. haha, going BACK to superstore must be like moving BACK in with your parents :P I feel for you Janelle, at least you got a taste of freedom.

  3. I don't like the produce at Superstore.

    But I recently heard of a cool God story that happened at superstore so for that I like the store.

  4. My thoughts exactly. It's painful for me to have to walk into Superstore... The local Co-op is heaven. :)

  5. who can afford to shop at safeway/coop/sobeys. I can imagine its nice to have a smaller selection of things, so you can just run in and get it (which i can do at the superstore) but can you buy clothes, toys, movies, electronics etc at those stores. Time is of the essence in terms of one stop shopping. Who wants to run around everywhere.
    Its true about the payday, welfare day...etc. There are alot of crazies in the SS but at least its easy on the bank account.