Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A smallish update:

-had an AMAZING first trip with my husband! We experienced many firsts together, and enjoyed each other very very much. I'm so thankful that God kept this trip hidden and protected, until His timing was perfect for us experience this trip together in such a way that made Him smile.
-feels like a fire has been reignited inside me, to seek after things that are real and raw, and to see their beauty, including the beauty within myself.
-missed my kids like CRAZY, and am so glad to be back home and in the role of mommy.
-miss my hubby while he's back at work, since the only time spent apart the whole trip was when one of us was on the potty.

-the love of my life....
-back to work, while the sun is shinning and beckoning our skin to soak up its rays.... am trying not to distract him TOO much, by telling him of all the fun in the sun we're having, and how much I wish he was home, with me, in the sun, with a beer, in the hammock, but..... I'm failing miserably, by calling him and messaging him often, telling him all of the above.
-is an amazing MAN....that I am honored to call the man I married for my entire lifetime.

Precious girl:
-cried when we left, cried when we got back. We both ran into each others arms in tears, embracing each other when we were reunited after a long 9 days apart. The only thing missing was sappy background music that would bring tears to the eyes of those watching.
-won't stop telling me how much she missed me, and how she doesn't want to leave ever again, and I can't bring myself to tell her that I can't wait to go on my next trip.
-had a fabulous time with the nanny, eating foods she loves, and being the big helper.
-is home for the long weekend, and am VERY excited to spend it with her.
-is sporting her new Roxy shirt and Sketcher flip flops that we brought back for her with style and attitude, and will definitely be following in her mothers footsteps with a shopping addiction and love of brand name, and, this makes me secretly happy and blush at the same time.

The monkey:
-ran straight to daddy, yelled daddy over and over, and only wanted daddy, and still, only talks about daddy. He loves his daddy.
-spent the day in the sun with me, running through the sprinkler, tanning on the loungers, and eating freezies.
-loves all his new toys, especially his Superman cape.
-has been the cutest thing on the face on the planet and all I want to do is hug him and kiss him and call him George, and am realizing that spending a tiny bit of time away from the monkey, is actually a good thing.
-LOVED the nanny, did SO well, which obviously makes me happy, as I'm already planning our next trip in my head.

The nanny:
-was awesome with the kids, and left a lasting impression on both of them, as well as my family who has been ranting and raving about how awesome she was the whole week.
-cleaned my entire house top to bottom in time for our arrival, complete with a wedding invitation left on our dresser. She's getting married this August, and am crossing my fingers and praying to God that she doesn't get pregnant on her honeymoon, so she can continue to be our nanny for a long time.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Where did you go on the trip and how did God bring it about to you? So glad it seems like your love has been deepened and reignited. I think marraiges can always use that. Glad you were able to get away.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA yeah nanny really enjoyed being with your kids! and sounds like kids were incredibly AMAZINGLY freakin well behaved. no surprise there!! hee hee......
    and she cleaned your whole place??!??!?!? wow! nice

    glad to hear you had fun with the hubs. you deserve it and i'm SOOOO glad to hear you're missing him already! isn't it cool how you bond so much with a person when you are with them non stop for so long.
    love it

  3. YES!! agreed about her getting pregnant!! I already have her tenitively booked for next summer LOL!
    Believe me, it was a kodak moment, watching the 4 of you reunite! there was music in my head and it made me all teary!.....except that my kids were trying to weasel into that moment, and i had to tell them to leave you alone LOL

    so happy for you and all that you guys got to experience~!
    Ps. i have dibs on the nanny for aug 2011 :P
    love you!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TAKE August 2011!!!!!!!!!! It's YOURS DUDE!!!!! YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
    my word verification was SUNMEN. Ya think the sun is calling us? We're coming your majesty! We're comiiiiing!