Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My blessings for today:

My hubby:
I love him, every part of him. Like hearing him sing, as he belts the wrong words to a song completely off key and sounds rediculous. I love that.
God made us completely perfect for eachother, in every way, even in hard times, we fit.

My sister:
I love her to death. I can talk to her about anything, and she somehow always understands. She loves me with a big sister's heart, I know she's got my back. I'm so thankful to have her in my life, in every season we walk through.

My kids:
My son, who brings joy to anyone around. My daughter who is growing up into the most beautiful girl, inside and out.

My friend Nicole:
Who, as I've been walking through hard times, is the only friend who has not fished for details, but instead has assured me that she's here for me, in whatever way I need her. She cares about me, and hopes that I'm getting support and advice from others, even if that isn't her. I love her tons, and need her so much. I can be real with her, and she can be real with me, and that, is exactly what I need.

Who loves me no matter what, and has an incredible heart for me and my family. She listens and prays and encourages and listens some more and prays and encourages.

My Dad:
Who is real. Could'nt ask for anything better.

She loves my friend. She loves those breaky noises. She thinks Paulie Bleaker is great, in chair. Who does whatever she feels like she wants to do GOSH! And loves me in a very special way. I've been blessed to know her, and love talking to her every single day.

Who drinks pina coladas with me, and plants my flowers in peat moss.

and finally....

Who loves me, and those I love, with a love that I could never fully grasp or understand.


  1. Aw, Nin. (tear)

  2. wow....
    i love that you chose to write this in categories as per usual.

    this is a powerful blog...more than you know.

    i love you sis. i was so blessed so so blessed to read this post this morning

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Nice. :)

  4. I am encouraged by this. Thinking of you.

  5. Hey pecker head...I blogged.....