Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is the time-waster de jour?
It's the time-waster of the day.
mmmmm...... I'll have that......

I HATE labels, I hate that people have labeled me, I hate even more that I've labeled others.

I LOVE summer, and everything about it, sun, brown skin, pools, green, flowers, activity.

I HATE doing laundry, and always have. I can never seem to stay on top of it.

I LOVE shopping, for anything. I think what I really love, is spending money.

I HATE that I'm always late, and that I expect people to tack on an extra 20 minutes to the time I tell them I'll be there.

I LOVE my son's vocabulary, I love that he says 99% of his words 'incorrectly', and I refuse to let anyone correct him, because soon enough this phase will be gone.

I HATE how much I LOVE Facebook.

I LOVE red wine, and would drink it like water if I thought others would approve.

I HATE expectations, I hate that I have too many on myself, I hate that I have too many on others.

I LOVE writting out my thoughts, and pouring my heart into words.

I HATE that song "I know you want me" by Pitbull. I hate even more that it has such a good beat that I forget which song it is and crank up the volume, only to be reminded that I hate it.

I LOVE having a clean house, and take pride in knowing how far I've come in regards to being a home-maker.

I HATE my skin condition, I hate even more that it doesn't even have a name.

I LOVE being smoke-free! I love knowing that I'm not controlled by a substance.

I HATE that I too quickly forget that I am controlled by many things, just like every other imperfect being, just not smoking.

I LOVE that I'm not perfect.

I HATE that I'm not perfect.

I LOVE having a second vehicle, and can't believe I survived so long without one.

I HATE it when I can't find answers, when I don't have a formula, when things don't fit in the box, and when I don't have a step by step plan.

I LOVE my close friends, I love that they know me and still want to be around me. I love that even in times where it feels like I have no substance, they will still hang out with me in the meaningless fluff.

I HATE that I waste time on the computer doing nothing, like this stupid list.


  1. a...not a stupid list
    b....very awesome thoughts
    c....i love love reading your thoughts put into words have an amazing gift of writing for the elephant no longer in the room for the friggen for when you hurt yourself for i should Get off here and go make a puzzle with faithfulness

  2. You are creative with how you put your thoughts out there.

    I hate expectations and the ones I put on myself too. I also hate that I've been labeled too and that I do that to others.

    I appreciate your thoughts.