Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Festivus!

-loves to wear his sister's fairy dress.
-loves to spill things, break things, throw things and eat things.
-loves the "puppy", and loves putting her in various places like in the Christmas tree, in the toilet, in the laundry hamper and in the fireplace.
-Is ever so slowly beginning to say words other than 'Walmart' and 'DVD', and still loves to say my name over and over and over and over and over and over and over, and when I say "what" he says a bunch of gibberish and I say ok, and then he says my name over and over and over and starts the fun game all over again.

-Such a rock and amazing support as worlds come crashing down around us.
-Is officially a pro-wine maker. Took in our labels to be printed today, it is going to look SWEET!
-Is working hard so he can take some time off for the holidays.
-Is happy everyday that he comes home and find his son still alive, and gives me the love I need to keep on trucking through this phase.

-Am officially a mom to an EIGHT year old!
-Am going through really yucky times, but am still laughing and crying, both of which are keeping me normal.
-Am looking forward to Christmas being over so that I can take the tree down and stop decorating it everyday after various cats and sons take all the balls and ribbon off.

-Is now 8 years old.
-Did an awesome job at her Xmas concert last night.
-Had a crazy birthday party with ALL the girls in her class, jumping around and screaming all hopped on on sugar.
-Is such a good singer! And sings harmony naturally! I am so excited to see her grow more and more in her gifting.
-Is spending the week before Christmas at her dads, and the following week with us, has many busy days ahead.
-Is the best daughter ever, and I could'nt imagine life without her.
-Is totally addicted to Webkinz, and has somehow gotten both Chris and I addicted to playing games and answering questions that make her lots of Webkinz cash so that she can buy more furniture.


  1. Isaiah was so excited to tell me she bought a toilet the other day!

    This xmas is going to be so weird, being gone from my family....i will miss you guys tons!

    Love you my best you so so much....oxoxo

  2. Jonah had to save up for like, EVER, to buy herself a bathtub! Then when she finally had enough money she blew it on a stove, even though she already had a stove, but she wanted it in "black". haha.

    This Christmas isn't even going to be Christmas with you gone.

    Best sisters forever and ever Sawa.

  3. You have entered the world of Webkinz...uh oh! :)

  4. Congratulations to Chris for making the #2 spot on the list and not being last. I have a job interview tomorrow!!! I hear you know how to make sushi which apparently I LOVE. We will have to start and new round of learning, you teach me sushi and I don't know what I can teach you:) Christmas hugs and regular hugs!