Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two and a half weeks between posts? That's it, you're cut.

So what could possibly be more important than blogging these days?

Well, turns out, we actually have a pretty cool yard. This is the first year we're actually putting time and energy into making it our own. My hubby and I have been working, and by my hubby and I, I mean my hubby. He built us a patio and installed some underground sprinklers, both of which God blessed us with for free! We've made our way into the front yard now, and I'll definately post some pics of that when we're done. I'm so excited!

So anyways, here's what my back planters looked like last year. Please appreciate how long and hard it was for me to clean these disgusting things out. Apparently bugs like dead plants? I saw more creepy crawly's in those planters than I think I've seen in my whole life. When I went to bed that night, I saw bugs on the backs of my eye lids.

My raspberry bush, strawberries, daisies, lettuce and rubbarb. Go me!
I've never planted anything before in my life, so this is a big deal. Well, there was one year my sis set aside some space in her garden for me to plant my own veggies. But she got sick of asking me to plant my seeds so she ended up doing it herself. After some time she then got sick of asking me to weed my space so she eventually told me I was no longer welcome in her garden. Does that count as a gardening experience?

My cool dude...

And his sweet ride

I was so proud of my daughter.
My son loves playing in his big sisters room, but everytime he tries to go in there the poor guy gets kicked out (and for good reason, anything he seems to get his hands on these days either gets broken, thrown, lost, or eaten). He had gone in there and when I took him out he cried in disspointment. So my daughter (with a tiny verbal nudge from her mom) took it upon herself to clean her room and place her precious gems our of reach so that her little brother could come in and play. You can see from his expression that he was in heaven.

My father in law blessed my hubby and I with tickets to the Phantom of the Opera. It was so awesome! We showed up in jeans, and saw people dressed up in tuxes and gowns (not dresses, gowns). But only really important people can get away with that. Do we pull off the "we're really important" look well?
There's plenty of things I'm chewing on these days, and God has been speaking. I've tried getting my thoughts out, but all I've accomplished are a bunch of unfinished posts taking up space in my drafts. Meh.
So You Think You Can Dance, this Thursday. Yeah baby!
Be blessed today! May you grasp how far reaching His love is for you today, and may you not settle for anything less than the Father's best.


  1. can't wait for "so you think you can dance!!!"

    THe choreography is krazy!

    Yeah, that one year that I offered you a piece of my garden....that was a good lesson for both of us. That just says that people do things when they are ready! and LOOK AT YOU!!! your yard looks AWESOME!!! I never would have guessed 2 years ago that this would be yoU!!!I'm very excited to share/swap/talk about aour yard plans, landscaping.....(although both of us are babies in this area) I still have so much to learn. But I can say one thing "IT"S SUPER FUN TO PLANT AND WORK IN YOUR YARD"

    We will be sipping calorie free lemonade and eating watermelong in eachother's EACHOTHER"S backyards. It won't be just you over here. But I'll get to take in your lovely yard too!

    I love those commentaries you had for the Pan. his "sweet ride" LOL and he is the cool dude! You can see all OVER HIS FACE how he feels about Jonah's act of kindness!

  2. I have shane sparks's voice in my head saying "the choreography is CRAZY!" can't you hear him saying that! and then Mary screaming her head off! and then Nigel being like, "you preformed very well, good for you"

  3. Your garden looks great!!
    Scott and I went to the Phantom, in London years ago and we were just hippied out backpackers. We both showed up in birks, our cleanest dirty shirt and although I did have a skirt on, it certainly wasn't up to snuff. I remember feeling very slightly underdressed(compared to ball room gowns and tuxes)but in the end all that mattered was seeing that performance!
    Wasn't it amazing??

  4. Great post. Hey, do you want to keep some of those raspberries for me? I will miss my bush this summer since we are moving.
    I've enjoyed our email chats and hope to continue them.

  5. Ok, you look like a prince and a princess, the two of you, and very importent-to each other!

  6. Anonymous11:12 AM

    WOW - go Green Thumb!!! I'm impressed. :) Would love to hear what God is teaching/speaking to you. Call me sometime.