Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's official

My eyelids are brown. Yes, they're brown, even the rim on the bottom of my eye is brown. Thanks to the native blood in my mom, I was cursed, oops, I mean blessed with this indescribable joy. Some ignorant people might say, well that's neat, you never have to put on eyeshadow! Well, ignorant people, so not the case. I need to wear concealer and foundation on my eyelids, just to get them the same color as the rest of my face. If I don't, people approach me and ask one of the following questions:

"Are you tired?"

"Were you beaten up?"

So, as much fun as it is to walk around like I just received a nice beating, I would much rather use the concealer. However, I've been told that regular rubbing of the eyes with your fingers can cause premature wrinkles, and I assume that a couple of times everyday fits under "regular".

So, I'm going to have premature wrinkles, no big deal, I've already prepared my hubby for it. Maybe my premature wrinkles will fit nicely with his receding hairline, we'll look "grown-up" together.

Well to add to the awesomeness of this aging process at 24 years old, I'm going grey too. I noticed my first strip of grey a few years ago. I dye my hair so often that I wasn't able to notice any of it's friends until a couple of days ago, and yes, it has brought it's friends.







I thought my hubby married a girl,

he likes to think he married a woman,

turns out he married an old lady.


  1. Your a hottie in my eyes Nin!!!!

  2. Whoa...take it easy on yourself there GIRL!!!!!

  3. LOL. Welcome to the club of the old and grey. :) You have such a funny way of putting things. Anyways, the thing I found is just because you 'look' old, you don't necessarily feel old inside, nor do you have to 'act' old. Enjoy!

    Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

  4. There is a famous line from a poem that is a favorite of mine:
    "Grow old along with me
    The best is yet to be."

  5. Hey friend, if you think you're looking old....whoa...
    Brown eyelids?? mom's native, but I don't think I got the brown eyelids.
    BTW, I think you're a knockout...100%!!
    Like Bette Davies once said, "Growin' old ain't for sissies!"
    Have a great day!!

  6. ^^^^^
    And just had to clarify I most certainly don't think you're old, or a Sissy...just love this quote! A woman in my age bracket could almost start to use it as a daily mantra!LOL

  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Nin, you make me laugh! I love ya!

  8. I too use concealer everyday. I heard once (you've probably heard it too) that you should apply it using the finger next to your pinky because it is your weakest finger. Interesting huh? That was you are the easiest on your delicate tissue surrrounding your eye.

    Not like I do that - it's way quicker to use my index finger!! But I always think I SHOULD start using my ring finger ;)

  9. now that i can comment.....

    it was so weird to go throught your hair and see the gray....i still think it's super neat!

    but don't worry, cause when our hubby's get really rich, were going for nip's and tucks! My poor 5 child belly is priority next to my 4 child nursing articles....sag.....

  10. I'm sure your hubby doesn't care about the wrinkles or grey hairs. He loves you for you and in every stage of life. You are a beautiful creation of God.

  11. You are a`woman with the gift of encouragemnet

  12. My mom and her two sisters got the name the "three wise men" because thay all turned snow white really young. (in our dialect the word wise and white are the same)So guess who inhereted "friends," at the early age of 30 something.

  13. My hubby just told me my eyelids are brown as well! Funny I've never noticed til now!

  14. one other thing that will probably help is using eye cream. i used to have terrible dark eye circles and discoloration, but now that i use eye cream, that has seriously almost all gone away... just something that might work for you...

    p.s. you're beautiful and lookin' fit, too!