Monday, May 07, 2007

walking towards the vision, and being faithful in the little things.

"Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!"
Matthew 25:23

I love to dream. I could sit here all day and dream, of who I want to be and where I want to go. God gives me glimpses of His heart, and it humbles me to realize that His dreams for me and my family are far greater than my mind could fathom.
A number of weeks ago, God broke my heart for my daughters dad and step-mom. I ached for our relationship to be healed, and for my daughter to be released from my fear and doubt into her destiny as a prophet to bring the word of the Lord to the Ninevah God has placed in her life. God gave my husband and I a picture of what things could really look like, if we lay down our pride, and walk in love and mercy. The dream is huge! But I'm reminded that there are many small steps we need to take to get there, God will not bring the dream to us, we need to walk towards the dream. These steps won't be easy, they will require a daily attitude check, patience and determination to see the Lord's kingdom come. Some things will need to be sacrificed for the greater dream.
Many of us are captivated by our dream, but are unwilling to walk out the little steps that are required of us to walk towards our dream. We sit idle, and lose hope, thinking that reaching our dream is impossible. How could I expect to see my dreams of financial stability and prosperity if I'm unwilling to walk in wisdom and maturity with the money I have now? How could I expect to see my dreams of making a difference in my neighborhood, if I'm unwilling or too lazy build any relationships with my neighbors? How could I expect to see my dreams of getting into my pre-pregnancy pants if I'm unwilling to say no to that chocolate bar, bag of chips, or second helping? I can't!
We must walk towards our God-given dream. He will not bring it to us, He would not be a good Father if He did. The steps we need to take to get closer to our dream will require dying to our flesh and pride and sacrificing short term satisfaction.
I want to walk towards my dream while I'm awake, instead of just dreaming while I sleep. I want to share in my master's happiness.


  1. those are great examples!
    those are great thoughts
    they are great truths!!!

    it's so true. most of us humans are not willing to pay the price of getting fruit. We can pray all we want to loose weight and eat chocolate all day and it'll never happen. then we blame God for not answering our prayer. What an amazing God we serve and have as a Father that He hears most of the world blame Him for OUR problems!!! and He still loves us, died for us and is still hoping that none will perish.

    I heard a Joyce Meyers tape once and she was talking about prayer. How many times do we say, "GOD HELP ME!!" "Please don't let that happen"
    when we really aren't realizing what we are asking....>GOD HELP ME

    HELP.....not DO
    Alot of us REALLY mean:
    God force me to make the right choice here
    God make that person listen to me
    God give what I want without me working towards it

    If we are asking for HELP, then maybe we should realize that WE are part of that equation!!!

    Good post! May God be glorified in all we do and say!

  2. I loved this post Nin, and how true! God will always listen to us and HE is so amazing, but we still have to do the "grunt" work, don't we!!! Its wonderful to serve such an amazing God though, and I really want to work on living my dreams while I am awake also!

  3. thanks so much for your encouragement today and for praying for me ! i really do appreciate it

    and i appreciate this post!!

    it helps so much!

  4. Amazing post!!! I am in awe of your wisdom and your way with words!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Thanks Nin. It was good to read this. Lately God's kept telling me over and over again to be bold, to not shrink back - this is not the time to be timid!

    God's grace to you as you walk towards your dream.

  6. Great post Nin....You are so wise for being so young....

  7. Just what i needed to hear on May 14, 2007 as I begin another year. Thank you!