Tuesday, May 01, 2007

To Kill a Mockingbird....I mean Robin

Saturday morning, 7:45 am....
What the heck man.
Hubby rolls out of bed, to find a robin, flying into our window, over, and over, and over.
He comes back to bed.
Hubby: You know what that noise is Nin?
Nin (groggy): Yeah, it's a dumb bird, I've heard a few birds fly into our window before, it'll go away.
What the heck man.
So we get up, have our coffee and sit in our living room, amused at this robin repeatitively banging into our window. We throw things at the window, and watch it fly away, only to come back a few minutes later, and, bang.....bang......bang.....
We think: What a funny bird.

Sunday morning, 6:30 am....
What the heck man!
Hubby rolls out of bed, and in his half asleep state, tapes 6 pieces of paper to our window, thinking now the bird can see, it's a window, not the tree that it sees in the reflection. He comes back to bed....
We lay there, with our pillows over our heads.
We think: What a dumb bird.

Monday morning, 5:45 am....
What the flipping heck man!!
Nin: Go and do something.
Hubby: ugh....
Hubby rolls out of bed, closes our curtains.
Hubby goes outside and tapes paper on the outside of the window.
Hubby comes back to bed, and closes our bedroom door.
We lay there, with pillows over our heads.
We think: What a @!**#@! stupid bird.

Monday afternoon, we conspire what we think will be a solution. My daughter and I draw and color a big picture of an owl, and hang it on our window.
"Peck" as my daughter has now named him, doesn't seem to be phased.
Monday evening, hubby and I conspire what we think will be another solution. We hang a big blue bed sheet on the outside of our window, and tape the owl on the sheet. Feeling a little embarassed, as our neighbors watch us cover the outside of our window with a bed sheet, we feel a sense of hope.

Tuesday morning, 7:30 am....
What the @#$**$*^%%#^*&&!&!!!!!!!????? man!!!
Out of ideas, I call Petland, and explain there is a psycho robin that wants to drive me and my family insane, is there anyone who can come and kill it for me?
Petland lady: Uh sorry, no....

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  1. how odd.....I've never seen anything like it....I hope you can figure it out! Maybe it's trying to commit suicide. Lol!

  2. Hi, I found your site because I was looking up this behaviour (bird repeatedly banging into window). It appears that birds sometimes attack their own reflections in windows, thinking that it is another bird coming into their territory.

    The solutions that were offered were: putting a screen on or soaping the window to eliminate the reflection, or putting tape on the window in stripes.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Andy.

  3. you actually put a blue bed sheet on the outside of your window and it still flew into it?????
    holy annoyance batman!

    that's funny that someone found your blog by searching those keywords!! haha

    if only it was flying at a faster rate, it would die, but the tree is too close. im sure your brainer hubby will come up with something!!
    give a few days. I will be waiting to hear of his ideas....(snicker...they should be good)

    Out of the way PECK!

    ooooooo im really scared....
    NO, WAIT, DON'T.....
    HELP>there's a PECK here with an acorn and he's pointin at me!!!!!!!!
    (quotes from Willow for those that didn't know)

  4. there is something dead wrong with that bird!
    maybe go and buy a plastic owl and put it right were he wits in the tree?

  5. O my gosh, that would drive me INSANE! I really hope that you guys figure out something to do with this bird. I had a good laugh at your post though, and thought it was funny about the call to Petland! Also, thank you so much for your wonderful words on my blog..I posted a longer comment for you there in case you don't get a chance to see it!!! Take care! It was nice to hear from you also! Oh, and I forgot: William is my dad's and great grandfather's middle name as well, which is why I used it....was that the middle name of one of you nephews, or cayden??? Also, it is definitely great that your daughter isn't jealous of your son either...Taylor is also a "little mom" ...sometimes it can drive me crazy, but I try not to let it.Only because sometimes she might be a little too motherly, like telling me what I should be doing with Noah!!!! :-)

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love you heart and really would love an opportunity to meet you one day. I think we'd be fast friends who could connect at a spiritual level.
    I love the Power of a Praying Wife so I am sure the parent one is good. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Nin- This is NOT an unusual problem! Both my parents, and my in-laws have psycho Robins doing the exact same thing to their windows! The guy who found your site is right. The Robin is trying to attack an inferior Robin that it thinks is in it's territory! His suggestions sound good, I'm going to let my parents know about these options. My dad printed a Robin out on his printer and hung it in the tree outside, hoping the Robin would be distracted - but it was not fooled either!

  8. I have the same problem - but I live in a two story house and there is a different robin doing this at three different windows all morning long! It starts at sunrise and they seem to follow the sun around the house so I'm guessing they are chasing off their reflections over and over again.
    Last year when I moved in there was one robin doing this and we just thought he was crazy. Now it's almost beyond belief! The windows are totally scratched up. I'm so glad someone else has seen this... your site came up when I searched for robins hitting windows...

  9. I am having the same problem, been offered the same solution and so far nothing has really worked. It has been amusing reading these descriptions, which mimic my experience. Going out in search of another solution.

  10. Glad I'm not alone...this is the third year this has happened to us...I hear they have abt a 5 yr lifespan, so I don't know if its the same bird or inherited psychotic behavior...

  11. We have just had a robin doing this same thing.. Now into the third day. Chase him from one window and he moves around the house.. front or back doesn't matter. This morning he was on our car sitting on the hood attacking the windshield, and later was on the roof attacking the shiny part of the chimney as it protrudes above the chase. Ours may yet realize his "death wish"

  12. has anyone found out what causes this? We have a robin attacking our windows too. I feel sorry for it!