Sunday, January 07, 2007

I was reading a post on Jenny's blog tonight, and some thoughts and feelings stirred up in me that I wanted to share.
I hope and pray that the heart behind this is heard.
Us as women need to stick together!Whether we're big or small, skinny-mini or roley-poley, slim and fit or chunky and out of shape....WE ARE ALL FIGHTING THE SAME BATTLE! To find OUR WORTH in the never ending love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. If it's not weight, it's something else.....jealousy, envy, judgement, pride, low self esteem, vanity..... We all struggle with finding our worth, we all live in the same unhealthy society that tells us what to wear and what to look like.It's not a competition on who is hurting more, the fat person or the skinny one. Having been one of the skinny people all my life, let me put a word in for us. We hurt too. Over weight people don't want people assuming that they sit on the couch all day eating potato chips, skinny people don't want people to assume they don't eat, or that they only eat salad or exlax. Over weight people hate it when skinny people look at them like they're slobs, skinny people hate it when weight people look at them like they're anorexic. There is such a division, lets break it down! We need to be there for eachother! God made us in HIS image, all of us. We are princesses! Royalty! Daughters of the King of Kings! There is no higher calling! The enemy has done an amazing job at putting walls between us, walls of competition, barriers of judgement. Instead of encouraging one another we put stumbling blocks in our road! The perfect image on the billboards and in magazines are a distraction to our goal! Whatever those images may be, looks, money, position... treat them as such, a distraction. Our goal is to become more and more like Jesus, to become more and more close to Him daily, to strive and serve, to see His kingdom come. May us as women come together to break down the walls that society has placed between us, may the categories that we find ourselves in be taken away, and may we be left boundless and free. Bless you, my sisters, my friends. God will complete the good work He has started, He loves us too much to leave us where we are! We have an amazing destiny, we are worthy of His love, He paid the price we couldn't pay.
Jenny, you are doing amazing, you are walking the road at a smooth and steady pace, not falling into a crash diet that will only bring temporary results. You desire change, and in that God has room to move and work in you. You are a blessing!


  1. Thanks so much Nin. I think what I struggle with is looking into the mirror and embracing the woman that I am...I never have.
    My problem is the comments I get from certain people directed towards me because I am overweight. It is a judgement call that because I have gained weight I am no longer attractive. But really I should be able to not care what someone else may say and stand proud and strong, but this is what I struggle with.
    I never ever look at a thin woman and think anything bad. I was a thin woman for the majority of my life.
    I agree wholeheartedly that judgments of any kind are not called for. I have good days where my confidence is strong and then I have days like the other day where one comment just drops me to my knees. I believe it is more of a self esteem/love issue and women of all shapes and sizes suffer from it.
    Thanks so much for this post!

  2. Nin,
    I would just like to say "AMEN"

  3. I just had to add that since I read your post tonight I have thought about it all evening. I LOVE your insight. You are a true blessing. Thanks.

  4. Can I just ad my amen to that...thanks for sharing.

  5. This post made me cry, and its so true!! What a blessing it was to read this!!!

  6. Well said my dear, well said.

  7. Hello Nin, friend of Jenny's here. I have to say "Amen!" to what you had to say. I've been on the skinny end of things too and just wish there was a happy medium and better yet as you say "acceptance" for who we are and what God chose for us.

    Thank you for saying it so well!

  8. Nin, you have a way with words. Even when you struggle in some ways you find words to encourage others.
    I hear you on how us women all struggle with worth. I am reading a good book in my ladies bible study called "Captivating" by John Eldredge. Good book.