Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My super photogenic family...

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  1. What "lovely" pictures! Ha Ha! I think my family would kill me if I posted all their bad pics. Good for you though, its nice to see such candid shots!

  2. OOOH you are going to be in big trouble. Disclaimer or no disclaimer.

  3. LOL totally funny. I love the last one of your hubby picking hid nose. Good post!

  4. i totally wish i had hilarious pictures like that of MY family!! that is the best photo collage i've ever seen! i'd love to hang out with your family for a day!

  5. Those are hilarious pictures.....it looks like your family has a great time together though!

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! This cracked me up Nin, hilarious!

  7. Okay, I may not sue, but I would like royalties for sure....

    man, you picked some pretty bad ones of me....

    wait to see what I can dig up on you....hehe (evil laugh inserted here)
    Stay posted people come see my blog to see what damage I can come up with.

    As Bugs Bunny would say, "This means war"

  8. Royalties??!
    You want me to pay you, for looking like a geek?
    If that's the case sis, I'd be broke, from paying you EVERYDAY!
    (I knew I'd be releasing some whoppers on your end by this post, but keep in mind I had plenty more to post, but didn't, out of pure compassion for your personal dignity. Don't toy with the one who has over 10,000 pics on her hard drive)

  9. actually, you win....(pout pout)
    I started to post, and did realize that I would be competing with someone with 100 times more pics than me. Most people don't use their camera like you do (taking pictures of eyes, tongues, feet, zits....)
    So most of my pics are NICE NORMAL ONES....something you wouln'dt understand....

    So my hats off to you...

  10. love that "platypus" picture of "carebear"....she is looking awesome....