Tuesday, May 23, 2006

6 random facts

1. I like thunder storms.....
one time my hubby and I sat on his mom's roof huddled underneath a blanket, nearly getting hail in our eyeballs, until the winds got so strong that we thought we were going to get blown right off.

2. I am prone to pick at random things on my body.....
My pinky toenail will not grow back from all the times I've ripped it out. If I have an itch, I will scratch until I've broken through the first layer of skin. Cold sores, hang nails, scabs and various other things, get picked off as soon as they come into my sight. Oddly enough I'm not covered in scars.

3. I quit smoking on February 1st 2004.....
My hubby said that he wouldn't marry me unless I quit. I'm pretty sure he was bluffing, but didn't really want to find out for sure.

4. I used to think that the crust of the bread was better for you than the rest of the bread.....
I was always taught that the crust was where the nutrients were, must've been my mom's way of getting me to eat it. Just a few months ago I gave this same line to my daughter, and it took my hubby 20 minutes to convince me that it was not true.

5. I come from a family who knows how important it is to laugh.....
one time my mom got arrested for unpaid parking tickets. The only reason they found her in the first place was because she ran a red light and got hit, right infront of a cop. It didn't take us long to get thrown into a full blown laugh attack over the craziness of the situation. He escorted my mom and I to the cop shop so my mom could pay her debt, and when we got there, my mom was so flustered that she couldn't parallel park. She kept driving up onto the sidewalk, and down again, up on the sidewalk and down again. All this in front of the cop who was waiting outside for my mom, which made us laugh even harder. All laughs were put on hold of course, once my dad heard the news.

6. I think that those cold rolls wrapped in rice paper found in Asian restaurants resemble a male reproductive organ......
I don't eat them, 'nuff said.


  1. oh me gosh, that made me laugh!
    Especially when mom got arrested.

    It reminds me of the time that mom was supposed to be driving in the Walmart parking lot, and Uncle John was trying to show her a book with dolphins in it.
    Mom leaned right over and basically started reading the book and somehow forgot she was driving and HIT A CART and made it flewwwwww right across the parking lot!!!!!!!!!!!
    yup, that's our mom!
    Or that time she was spying on you! LOLOLOL
    and you were walking with a bunch of friends and mom stuck her head right out the window to make sure that was really you.
    Didn't she run right up the curb, or would you please care to share this now that I'm all giggly!!

  2. sorry, that was me above!
    forgot to sign out of my many user names....

  3. Very funny:) And that number 6...ewww, and you're right, never thought of it, but you're right!

  4. that is just hilarious.......your family sounds like allot of fun.

  5. the reason i quit smoking is because my husband wouldn't DATE me if i didn't quit - and he was SERIOUS!! i guess it was a good reason...miss it sometimes though!

  6. Ok, that has just ruined my being able to eat those cold rolls with out having a visual thought of well you know...
    Hey I was also raised being told that all the nutrients were in the crust. I was 17 or 18 when a friend finally sat me down and gave me the truth took awhile for me to believe her as well. Those wonderful things that our parents did to make us eat things....
    cwg's wife