Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm not a plant person. I have no interest in knowing what their names are, what they specifically need, and what they are succeptable to. I do know that all plants are different, and all have different needs. Some need direct sunlight while others would be harmed by direct light. Some need to be watered lots others not, some need lots of room to grow their roots and others thrive when rootbound. But this is all I know. Plants add life to my living room, so I like having them around, but I have to say I do a very poor job in caring for them. Many times I find that they want to die, to be put out of their misery, but I will revive them back to life, only to torture them some more. I don't really care about their needs, I just want my living room to look nice.
I was watering my plants this morning, and found that I had let them down once more. My hubby bought me one a while back and it's looking pretty sad. My mother-in-law gave me a couple plants last year, and neither survived the desert environment I gave them. I'm pretty sure she won't be giving me any plants again. I've proven myself untrustworthy.
So what is God like? He has proven Himself to be faithful, always. He knows my name. He knows my every need. He knows when my needs change, and knows what I'm prone and succeptable to. He knows when to give me light, and when to bring me darkness. He knows when I need a transplant, and is always gentle in doing so. He is always there as the very source of my life. He cares for me very well, and cares about me very much.
He will not let me die, even in a desert time, He is still there with water, it is up to me to drink. And at those times when I choose my own way, and I choose to not drink of Him, He will always be waiting with the water pitcher, to revive me back to life. It is me who poorly cares for myself, but my care-giver knows my name. He's a plant expert.


  1. Very well written, and I understand what you are saying. And on top of it all God gives us fertilizer too. How amazing He truly is.

  2. I am noticing a theme to what you are learning this week. There was a reason Jesus used so many plant analogies in the Bible. Fig trees, wheat, mustard seed and so many more.

  3. Looks like you are getting good at picking "flowers"

    The flower lady would be proud of your pickins today. Very very cool.
    You my dear, are a different person. The old really is gone and the new really had come. Honored to call you sis....sis....
    best sisters.....

    "would you excuse me for a moment please..."
    eddie murphy-coming to america

  4. I should kill you! I'm supposed to be a poor man!!


  5. See.....I'm washing lettuce....soon I'll be on fries....
    -Fat guy that works at Mc Dowells

  6. Hey, I'm not a plant person either. I water mine when I remember, or they look like they're a bit thirsty, I don't even know the names of most of them. You have such a neat way of putting things into perspective.
    You're right, our God is a "plant" expert.

    Thanks too for the comment you left on my post. I know I'll be alright, He always gets me through. I know that I need to just get out of the house and take the kids to the store so we can bake our christmas cookies that I promised them. Thanks so much for caring and for checking up on me. Its nice to know that I have not only my earthly family that cares for me, but also "God's family" that's keeping an eye on me as well.

    Have yourself a wonderful christmas with your family and friends. And thanks again for the encouragement.

  7. I know what I like, and I know you know what I like because you are trained to know what I like, but I would like to know what YOU like...


  8. When you think of garbage....THINK OF AKEEM!!!"

  9. BTW love your blinkies!

  10. It is my twenty-first birthday. Do you think perhaps just once I might use the bathroom by myself?
    Most amusing Sir.....Wipers!

  11. How come SHE always gets the good ones!!!?????


  12. I am a man who has never tied his own shoes before!!
    Wrong! You are a prince.....who has never tied his own shoes before. Believe me, I tied my shoes once, it is an overrated experience.
    -King Jaffi Joffer, ruler of Zamunda

  13. "I don't know whether to kiss your hand or shake it or bow or what.......(chuckles) I feel like breakdancing"
    -Cleo McDowell when he meets Queen Aoleon

  14. Very nice to meet you Cleo, my name is, Aoleon.


  15. (Talking on the phone)
    "Yeah, King Jaffe Joffer's room, please"......(waiting for the King to pick up.....)
    Yeah, hello, King? Yeah, Cleo McDowell here. Yeah, King, both the kids are here... together. Right. 2432 Derby Avenue, Jamaica Estates.
    ... Now, King, I was wondering if - hello, King?
    -Cleo, trying to hook up Lisa with Prince Akeem

  16. Telegraph Lady: You actually want to send this?

    Semmi: Why? What is wrong? Read it to me

    Telegraph Lady: To His Majesty, King Jaffe Joffer, The Royal Palace, Zamunda. Sire, Akeem and I have depleted our funds. Kindly send 300, 000 American dollars immediately, as we are in dire straits. Your humble servant, Semmi.

    Semmi: Should I make it 400, 000?
    Telegraph Lady: You think that'd be enough?

    Semmi: You are right. 500, 000.
    Telegraph Lady: As long as you're asking, why not go for a cool million?

    Semmi: You do not think that would be too much?

    Telegraph Lady: Naah.

  17. Okay new movie......

    "Marcie Dahlgren-Frost. Dahlgren is my maiden name, Frost is my married name. I'm SINGLE again, but I never bothered to remove the frost.....
    And I get compliments on the hyphen."
    "sure you would...sure you would..."
    -Buck Russell

  18. "I'm Buck Melanoma. Moley Russell's wart. Not her wart. Not her wart! I'm... I'm the wart. She's my tumor. My... my growth. My... uh, my pimple. I'm Uncle Wart. Just old Buck "Wart" Russell. That's what they call me, or Melanoma Head. They'll call me that. "Melanoma Head's coming." I'm ... uncle! Maisy Russell's uncle! "

    -Buck Russel

  19. "that's JUST about enough.....
    I've been an educator for 31 POINT 3 years....and in that time, I've seen alot of bad eggs....
    I see a bad egg when I look at your niece! She is a dreamer, a sillyheart,...she is a jabberbox....
    And I don't think she takes a THING in her life and her career as a student seriously!"

  20. -The principle at Maisy's school

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    Ever hear of a ritual killing? Hehehehhehehehehe!
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    You gnaw on her face in public like that again and you'll be one. Ah, heh heh heh heh!

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  23. Where do you live? -Miles
    In the city. -Buck
    You have a house? -Miles
    Apartment. -Buck
    Own or rent? -Miles
    Rent. -Buck
    What do you do for a living? -Miles
    Lots of things. -Buck
    Where's your office? -Miles
    I don't have one. -Buck
    How come? -Miles
    I don't need one. -Buck
    Where's your wife? -Miles
    Don't have one. -Buck
    How come? -Miles
    It's a long story. -Buck
    You have kids? -Miles
    No I don't. -Buck
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    Are you my Dad's brother? -Miles
    What's your record for consecutive questions asked? -Buck
    38. -Miles
    I'm your Dad's brother alright. -Buck
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    How nice of you to notice. -Buck
    I'm a kid - that's my job. -Miles

  24. Believe it or not I'm beginning to be a plant person. Generally I tend to kill pretty much anything green that comes into my house, or it gets stolen...or maybe they just run away in self defence. Anyways, I have one plant - a fig tree - that I've had for three years and not killed. I actually have nursed two, count 'em two indoor rose bushes successfully this year. Maybe there are seasons in life when we aren't nurturers and seasons when God brings us to a new place, a place where we are able to help other things grow, when we've learned what it takes to keep our own roots healthy and can, therefore, care for another living thing, I believe it's called discipleship.

  25. "honey, i have some bad news..."
    "let me are not coming into work in the morning..."

    "but I....just let me.....gimme a..... but you don't....I just...give me're not gonna...let me....just gimme.........AAAAAAAAA"


    -Chennise and Buck arguing on the phone

  26. I like how you guys ignored flowerlady's comment near the bottom and just kept trucking...

    on the other hand I can't believe I just read all of the uncle buck nonsense...

  27. LOL,
    Flowerlady: I totally know what you mean. Both my hubby and I have been feeling like we're in some sort of shift in our relationships. The ones that we were called to nurture seem to be off nurturing others, and God has placed new ones in our lives to seed into. As well as people who are way better at taking care of roots and such, are now doing a bit of watering in us. It's been fun :)
    It's neat that you're becoming a plant person, I guess it's the kinda thing that "grows" on you! hahahahahaha.........sigh. Joe joke.

  28. Yeah, LOL....I just get in these moods where I want to qutoe the classics.
    I think it's out of my system.........maybe.......for now.......

  29. Are you sure?.......
    Are you really sure?........
    Remember you were sure before......
    (with the sound of the window going up and down)

  30. "Nancy! I'm not a doctor, but it's not moving, it's not breathing and it's cold as a popcicle! What ever it is, it's definitly dead!"
    -George Henderson