Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Basic walking-on-water 101

Times are crazy, things are hectic, but the peace and hope found in Jesus remain.
The enemy has been trying to tell me that the right thing to do in a time like this is grieve, pout, cry, complain. Basically anything that would make me feel better, after all, things are crazy, I need to react to what's going on don't I? Well, let me share with you exactly what I've been telling the enemy. I don't have for this.
So, I'm moving on, I'm walking forward, in the direction of my heavenly father, who's character never fails. It's weird though. I feel unsure, and a little nervous. I've never really stepped out in faith like this before, especially in this area of my life. But I know that allot more is required of me this go around. I'm required to walk out all that I've been learning. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where God will get the glory, if I let Him.
I'm finding I have to continually go back to what I know of my heavenly father. He's faithful, He's slow to anger and rich in love, He's holy, He's just, He's merciful. These things do not change. I look back at my life and see that He has provided with everything I have ever needed to walk in godliness. His plans have always been to bring me hope and a future. He has never harmed me. I find it interesting that when the Lord's disciples were in the boat, and they saw Jesus coming towards them, they though He was a ghost. They were freaked right out. Why did Jesus pick then to walk out on the water? The middle of the night? In the middle of a raging storm? When they were tired, when they were scared, when they were weak. If He was looking for perfection, you'd think He would've shown up in the middle of the day, and maybe on a puddle instead of the sea, but He didn't. He wasn't looking for perfection, He was looking for faith. And faith can not be excersized unless it is tested. How many times have I looked up, gotten scared and cried out for God to save me from the enemy, the ghostly figure coming towards me, when all along, it's Jesus! Now, believe me, this is weird to me, it's unfirmiliar territory. You think I've walked on water before? No way, I've not been given any puddles to practice on, this isn't a frozen lake people. But, in obedience and faith, I have stepped out of the boat. Now I hear the trick is to not look down?


  1. Wow Nin,
    That is Exciting! Keep your eyes on the Fries er...Prize...that would be Jesus, and don't get distracted by the wind and can do it! Yes this is where the rubber meets the road, but you know what? It is SO worth it. Yes, sometimes we are so freaked out by our circumstances that we don't immediately recognize Jesus, but that's ok...He is still there saying "Do not be afraid" and the minute we start to sink and cry out to Him, IMMEDIATELY He reaches His hand out to us. What an awesome God! Blessings -Moose

    P.S. Thanks Christopher and Nin for letting us guys hang at your place into the wee hours of the a.m. Your hospitality was awesome.

  2. it's always the really profound blogs that no one comments....

    just digestin all your wise words.
    thanks for sharing

  3. you've been walkin on water already
    what a blessing to see you grow!
    i can't believe it, you really are a totally different person than like just 2 years ago!

    It's hard to think of what our relationship was like 5 years ago. I though we were close then!!!

    I think of the micheal w smith song.
    "friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them...."