Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My long weekend

My hubby and I went camping this long weekend. I know what you're thinking, YOU went camping? Yes, yes I did. Here's an update for those who don't me well. I, like hotels. I like malls, air-conditioning, flush toilets and restaurants. These are the things worth living for. A vacation for me would be room service, a hot tub and a shopping spree. But of course, my opposite hubby has different thoughts on the matter. He loves nature, God's creation, roughing it. Sleeping bags, tents, fires and fishing are just a few of what he sees in a vacation. So, this weekend, I embarked on our first camping adventure.

"So we're leaving our nice apartment and our comfy bed to sleep on an uncomfortable air mattress and in a cold tent? I don't get it."

As soon as we got there we discovered that the place was swarming with horse flies. Now, I do alright with bugs, considering my lizard eats crickets and meal worms. But when it comes to bugs that bite, especially ones that draw blood, I am not a happy camper (litterally). So I had a few moments of flipping out, running around like the typical city girl, arms flayling and all. I'm sure my husband was so proud.

My husband cut himself chopping wood. It was gross.

Once we settled in, the horse flies had gone to bed, and my hubby stopped bleeding, we sat down in front of a nice fire and played cards. That evening when we went to bed, my hubby stripped to his shorts, while I put on my sweat pants, socks and my bunny-hug (with the hood on). I snuggled up under the thick comforter and the extremely warm fleece blanket. It's a blessing that we don't pay for heat in our apartment, or we'd spend a fortune.

The toilets were the same type you would find in a camp trailor. This made me a much more fun person to be around, as I don't deal well with outhouses. They also had showers, and as gross as it was for me to shower with a bunch of mosquito's and moths, it was nice to feel clean.

After spending a good portion of the afternoon in the sun............................... We turned pink...................................

We went fishing. No fish, but a good time. I got one of my hooks stuck in the rocks, and my hubby had to cut my line. While it would've been neat to have fish for dinner, we still ate very well.

No weiners and beans for us!

We had a good time, lots of laughs, fun and quality time spent together. But still, I was glad to come home. Notice I'm already painting my toe nails.

I'm sure my bush woman of a mother would cringe at my version of camping. Queen size air matress, portable stove, chicken breasts and steak, shower and flush toilets. My husband and I had a little giggle after one of my flip-outs over a horse fly, about how I definately do not get my appreciation of nature from my mother. But I sure did get her love for shopping! Thanks mom!


  1. Love that first picture.

  2. Cute pic of Chris looking oh so Maucho. Now as for the blowenup pic of the bloody finger wellllllll(I guess I shoulden't be surprized with that Camera addiction and all).
    But good for you Nin heading out into the rugged wilderness with your sweety. Who knows maby he will turn you into a true woodswomen after a few really good camping trips.....
    HOLLY:) :) :) :) ;] ;] ;] :} ;}

  3. You're going to have to rate your site restricted....for the blood shot! LOL
    Totally enjoyed reading this one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. You're a better woman than I! However, I do wonder why you're taking pictures of blood streaming down your husband's hand instead of getting the bleeding to stop?
    You look good in pink!