Friday, July 08, 2005

I feel.......wrong

I was reading this article this morning about emotions. It asks the question, when do emotions become sin? It seems that this is the question I've been asking for a while, so I was excited that someone might have an answer. His suggestion was, when emotions upset our peace, they are sin. This got me thinking, hmm, how many times have I allowed my emotions to upset my peace in the last while.........many. It went on to talk about how Christ wants up to live as though we were dead. Well, does a dead man get mad, flustered or frustrated? What the heck does he have to be frustrated about, he's dead! Now, if I were to share what some of the many things are that I am having to endure, I know that many of you would justify my feelings. My feelings are valid, and for good reason. But if I'm dead, then what is it to me? Who am I anyway? It is the world that tells us we need to be justified, treated fairly and shown respect. What does Christ tell us? That we will be crucified, persecuted and insulted. But He also tells us that He will give us His grace, wisdom, peace, love, understanding, patience and endurance. I do not want these things to be "upset" by my emotions. I've been crying out for justice, and it is justice that God wants to give. But my version of justice is different. Is it His will that none shall be lost. He's sent me out to fight, for His justice, not mine. I read in one of the "bloggless ones" comments, that arguing and debating might shed light, but it will not open blinded eyes. I admit that my eyes have been blinded to the bigger picture. And I have been complaining and venting, hoping that someone will come along with the answer that will "shed light" on what I should do. All the while, God's already told me what I need to do. 'Stand in the front line' He says, 'and bring glory to my name! Shout my name from the mountains and rejoice with song! Be humble, serve, and pray, for those whom I love so much, and want at my banquet table! I have placed you here to fight for the least of these, not to turn against them. Do not be blinded by the enemies schemes, You ARE dead to sin, and you ARE a new creation, and I WILL accomplish my great works in you!'


  1. Bless you for this post.

    Lately I have been realising that it is when I concern myself with myself and it is when I protect myself that I get in trouble, basically letting my concerns (yes, I do have some) make my decisions for me instead of focusing on advancing the Kingdom of God and worship.

  2. Thanks for this great concept. I know how much better I feel when I can "die to myself." There's a freedom to it that surpasses all understanding. When I find myself creeping back onto my own radar screen, then I can feel my peace and joy slipping proportionally. God keep me from thinking of myself. I have died with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me and for me and through me and in place of me. This is one "death" for which I hunger and thirst. Thanks for putting it so well.