Sunday, November 09, 2008



-was asked by a mother at daughter's school where my Hawaii tan was..... had to then explain that daughter went without me : (

-recently put a stud in my 7 year old eyebrow piercing, and am fully impressed that the hole is still alive and well after 6 years of dormancy.

-am looking forward to our life group's sushi making party on Tuesday.

-am happy, blessed and extermely thankful to my hubby, who despite his sever allergies, has aggreed to let us have our very own kitty! (after four years of wife bugging and bugging and bugging him)


-has today and tomorrow off school!!! Yay!

-is having a sleepover with her cousin Isaiah tonight.... it's 10:36 and they're still giggling..... I went up there to see what all the noise was and they were having a laugh attack..... I joined in.

-is counting down the sleeps till her 8th birthday. 37 more.... what on earth am I gonna do with an 8 year old?

-brought home her Hawaii pictures from her other parents house today, in a scrapbook made by her other mommy, with commentary written beside each picture : )


-LOVES the kitty!

-is learning much about being gentle and listening.

-is cuter than anything ever, and no one is capable of staying mad at him for longer than a few seconds.

-loves Quik chocolate milk, Baby Einstein dvds, Cariboo, Magnets, Aquadoodle, bologna, and windexing the coffee table.

-wonders why he's always last with these point form updates?

-is doing awesome with his allergies! We all thought he'd be dead by now, but he is very much alive and well (minus one plugged nostrel)

-really does love his little sinus enemy deep deep down......

and finally....


-our new kitty, who hasn't had a name all weekend. Poor thing has been "it" (can you tell I'm an animal lover?)

-Was given a name once daughter came home. We grabbed her bible and she flipped through the pages with her eyes closed, hit a page with her finger and read out that word. Of course we had to do it a few times over....... since we weren't going to name the cat "Money" or "Judges". But then she picked a word....and the very next try, she picked the very same word. So... meet,



  1. Mercy...cute name!

    I am glad that Daniel likes Caribou.

  2. that blesses me so much to hear that isaiah and jonah are having laugh attacks. Those are so healing and will be remembered forever. And they will continue to have them even when they are married and driving around telling stories of their past and maybe, just maybe one of them might laugh so hard that they may just pull over to the side of the road to throw up!!! LOL

    I think your new mercy is adorable and can't wait to meet her!

    Mercy is the perfect name for the season. God speaks in mysterious ways...

  3. lucky ducky!!!!!!!!! i'm asking andrew for a puppy but i dont think its gonna happen. my only option is accidentally "bringing" home a kitty or puppy ... "oops. sorry honey!"

  4. What's new and happening in your life?