Tuesday, February 12, 2008

lazy picture post

been a while, but got nothin to say (hold the phone! Nin has nothing to say?), so here's some pics because I'm too lazy to say something interesting.....ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

The side-part

Whattchu talkin' about Willis?

'Grade A' table manners in practice

My toe...
Please disregard the lack of toenail, and focus more on the pretty colors

High on life, and chocolate

More amazing table manners that would make any parent proud

Do I have something in my teeth?


  1. Thank goodness that daniel is blocking out my face in the second pic!! thanks buddy, 'preciate it.

    waniel is so cute in all his pics....
    that blood in j's mouth, she's so proud!

  2. Great pics. What happened to your toe? Sorry I didn't get to meet with you. It was a busy and full weekend. You sister gave me your number though so some time perhaps we can catch up on the phone.

  3. I love your picture posts Nin!

  4. i have a chin like gord in the first pic haha!!

    a roseberry chin!
    what the heck did you mean about tonight. im lost? i 99.9% of the time get all your jokes. but what the heck?

  5. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Har har har! Great pics - I am truly laughing out loud.

  6. I stubbed my toe.....talk about spaz hey?
    I think I broke it, but never went to the doctor, that was a few months ago, and it still hurts when I move it a certain way.
    It's a "my mom" thing to do, clutsiness runs in the family

  7. post another lazy post, I'm bored here already!

    "I"M BORRRED!" (Isaiah voice)

  8. Just thought you might want to know that my kid now loves to throw things into the tub and play with plants. Anything else you want to warn me of?