Tuesday, September 18, 2007

why I haven't been posting

(following in the simple idea of my flower friend)

-My mom has been in the hospital. She's out now and feeling much better, although all the healing she needs to walk through is going to take much time and rest.

-My son has been sick. Boo-urns, he's been a crab.

-I'm trying to keep up with all the things my daughter brings home from school. Last year I really took a back seat with things, like cramming in 30 books the night before and morning of her reading celebration, when she had to have a certain number of books to get a prize. Luckily for our poor vocal chords, she got the prize. I'm proud to say we have stayed on top of everything so far.

-My granny is in town. She's staying with my mom to help her out. We have yet to find out if this is a good thing or a bad thing, and my sis and I are keeping close tabs on her.

-My hubby and I have been second car shopping, and found one! We should have it in the beginning of October!

-I've been keeping up with all my housework and housewife duties.

-I've been mulling over things God is teaching me, about being quiet.

-I've been struggling with my eating and excersize schedule, and have been feeling discouraged.

and last but not least...the number one reason why I have not been posting...

-I'm lazy


  1. Not lazy....

    Cant' wait for your new car!! it'll be so fun!! (sanguine voice)

    Good job at keeping up with school stuff. That is a huge job! I remember with Caleb, the staff we constantly reminding me of stuff I was forgetting! And I wasn't even being that neglectful! can you imagine 3 or 4 kids in school?? that would be hard to juggle...

  2. ohhh new car..saweet!! post lots of pics!! sorry to hear about your mom.

  3. yes, 3 kids in school and homeschooling is hard to juggle...specially when kid comes to you on Sunday night and says, "i should probably tell you that I didn't actually finish my homework the other day." Guess who's gonna be getting up early to help him get it done?